8 Simple Tips to Get Glowing & Ageless Skin This Holiday Season

Sheetal Rawal, Founder, Apsara Skin Care

Want to know how to get flawless skin this holiday season? Well, a lot of us try to get flawless skin by using the latest skin care products, hiding imperfections with makeup or undergoing treatment for issues like pimples and acne. However, in spite of all this work and effort, most of us don’t succeed in getting a clear and glowing complexion.

Here are some valuable tips that you could follow to get flawless and glowing skin this holiday season. These methods work simply because they are not quick fixes. Unlike intense procedures like glycolic peels, these methods work with your skin to get it to a happier place rather than shocking it into a defensive mode.

1. Change Your Cleanser

Well, this is where skin care starts and this step is the foundation of what is to follow. Look at the ingredient list of your face wash and chances are it has harsh detergents, fake fragrance, parabens etc. in it. Ditch it now! And don't even dream about using bar soap on your face. It is way too harsh.

Your face wash is likely not adequately pH-balanced either, so that means stretchy and dry skin which is bound to present issues like patchiness, inflammation, acne, and imbalance. Switch to a cleanser that is gentle, natural and pH-balanced. Such a high-quality cleanser won’t leave your skin parched and prone to defending itself. If it has added essential oils for your skin type, it is indeed a cherry on the cake. Make the switch and your skin will radiate with health this holiday season.

2. An Apple a Day Keeps Skin Impurities Away

You must eat an apple daily for glowing, flawless skin. Apples contain Vitamin C

Apple for ageless skin holiday season

that prevents premature aging. Why? Because it is an extremely effective antioxidant and works its magic by reversing free radical damage. Yes, you guessed it right. Free radicals can damage your collagen and elastin fibers resulting in early lines and wrinkles. Apples are also rich in fiber, which means a healthy digestive system. A healthy digestive system is key to healthy and glowing skin. Ayurveda relates gut health directly to the appearance of your skin. Apsara's premium ROOP Saffron Bright Skin Potion has apple seed extract as one of its ingredients. It is indeed a very beneficial ingredient to keep your revitalized and youthful.

3. Get Precious Oils on Your Skin

It is time we end the madness propagated by the skin care industry. Oil-free products leave your skin wanting for more. The truth is that even for acne-prone skin oils like castor and jojoba and simply miraculous! They deep clean the skin and leave it fresh and flawless. Look for serums with precious oils like sweet almond, evening primrose, and wheat germ. Once you begin to use a product made with such high-quality fatty acids and proteins, you might well be stunned at how flawless and glowing your skin looks. There is a reason why these oils have been used for many centuries in skin and hair care both. Give it a try today in time to light up those lovely year-end parties.

Shahur says, "This is the only product that has ever worked on my acne. I saw results in 3-4 days." Hear her story in her words.

4. Forget the Fake Scent. Seriously!

A lot of people like to use scented products on their skin. But wait, is it natural? It is a rare high-quality product that says no to fake fragrance and uses essential oils instead. Why? Because such products are expensive to make and require a lot of skill to combine therapeutic natural aromas in just the right way. Ok, another question. Do you feel those heavy scent-laden products have something to do with your dull, dehydrated skin that does not perk up for more than a couple of hours? Yes, you are most likely right. In addition, here is another scary fact (sorry!). Fake fragrance (parfum) is very irritating to the skin and has been liked to hormonal imbalance. So please switch. Use products with natural essential oils in them and watch the magic unfold.

5. Do Something About Your Dandruff

Well, you say you have done it all and nothing works. Going gentle with your hair care products and using a high-quality hair oil is extremely highly recommended for a healthy scalp. Ok coming back to flawless skin. Why are we talking about dandruff you ask? Hmm, well because many people with dandruff also notice acne on their forehead and other places where the flakes fall. It might have to do with the dandruff flakes clogging the pores. That is a theory for sure. But practically, it is best to get your scalp to be healthy. Your skin might well improve also in the process.

Watch this video to learn about the cause of hair and scalp issues and what we can do.

6. Hydrate Your Skin Internally and Externally

Skin needs plenty of moisture to look plump and dewy. So drink plenty of water. You

Water for ageless skin holiday season

can add some aloe vera juice to your water to add to the awesomeness for body and skin health. Fruit juices are great too, but too much can mean a lot of sugar, which you want to stay away from. Using a toner morning and night before applying your serum can do wonders to quickly raise the moisture levels of your skin, making it look flawless and glowing in seconds. You can spray a mist of your favorite Apsara toner anytime your skin looks in need of a moisture boost. Go ahead, try it. Oh, and you can use your Apsara toner on your makeup as well.

7. Go Easy on the Salt

Too much salt in your diet can result in water retention. This makes your face look puffy and definitely can result in puffy eyes too. In addition, as skin tries to get rid of this excess water, it contracts only to get puffy again the next day. This inflation-deflation cycle can make your skin prone to early lines and wrinkles. Cut down on your salt intake and your whole body will benefit.

8. Add Vegetable Glycerin to Your Humidifier

I bet this is a new one for most of you, and I am hoping that all of you have a humidifier installed in your bedroom and work area. If not, rush to the store and get one. You can

humidifier for ageless skin holiday season

thank this article later because if you do not have a humidifier, your skin is missing out especially in the cold and dry holiday season. Add about 10 drops of vegetable glycerin to your humidifier and watch how your skin soaks in the moisture and blooms like a flower. Glowing, plump and absolutely breathtaking! Glycerin is a natural humectant. That means it attracts moisture to itself. So when it touches your skin it can attract more moisture towards it, just like a magnet.

So there you have it. Follow all these tips and get your skin to look glowing and perfect for this holiday season and far beyond. This is the power of sane and sensible steps that are easy and actionable. How can your skin resist looking stunning in little time!

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