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Buy the Best Natural Skin Care Products for All Skin Types at Apsara Skin Care

Your skin reflects your persona; thus, how you take care of your skin is vital. You must follow a daily and weekly skin care routine if you want your skin to be glowing, flawless, and radiant. At Apsara Skin Care, we understand what your skin needs and how you can care for it naturally. No matter what your skin type is or what your current skin issues are, we have the best natural skin care products for you.

Give your skin the very best with the goodness of herbs and essential oils. Check out these Ayurvedic vegan skin care and beauty products from us.

Cleanser and Scrub

Turmeric Face Wash 

Our Turmeric Herbal Facial Cleanser deeply cleans dirt and impurities from your skin and balances your skin’s pH levels. Use this natural cleanser twice daily for clean, smooth skin. Apply a generous amount and massage in circular strokes. Wash it off with warm water.

Nut Shell Facial Scrub

If you are tired of dull, lifeless skin, then this is the vegan skin care product for you. The Nut Shell Facial Scrub exfoliates your skin and evens out your skin tone. Regular exfoliation removes dead skin cells from your skin and enhances skin glow. The citric oils in this scrub will deeply clean your skin without drying it. 


Rosewater And Turmeric Natural Facial Toner

Rosewater is regarded as bliss in Ayurveda for its immense benefits. This natural toner will be able to shrink your enlarged pores and tighten up your skin so that it starts to look more youthful.


Essence of Lavender Face Lotion

This lightweight, vegan lotion will replenish your dry, damaged skin. The Essence of  Lavender Face Lotion contains ingredients such as turmeric and neem, both of which will help restore the radiance of your skin. Apply this face lotion twice on cleansed skin and massage gently until absorbed.


A facial serum plays a vital role in repairing damaged skin. All of Apsara Skin Care’s vegan facial serums can reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, blemishes, and dark spots, leaving your skin radiant and flawless. Our face serums will also help with fading early signs of aging and evening out your skin tone. 


Papaya And Sugar Mask

Get rid of dead skin cells and dullness with our Papaya and Sugar Mask. Apply this mask on your face and let it dry. After 15 minutes, wash it off with warm water. With regular usage, you might be able to notice just how much more glowing and supple your skin has started to look.

Krishna Sandalwood Facial Mask

This mask not only cleans your face but also promotes better skin health. Sandalwood will rejuvenate your skin and repair any damage caused by free radicals. 

Detoxifying Mud Mask

Get clear skin with less effort using our Detoxifying Mud Mask. Using this mask as part of your weekly skin care routine can help fade the look of blemishes and reveal bright, even skin.


Lip Nourishing Salve

Get rid of chapped lips with this lip salve from Apsara Skin Care. The essential oils in this lip salve will nourish your lips and prevent dryness. Use it just before you apply your lipstick to get softer, more supple lips.

Massage Oil

Olive and Lavender Massage Oil

Massaging your skin promotes blood circulation. This Ayurvedic oil is a natural skin care product that will revitalise your skin and deeply nourish it. Massage this oil all over your body until it is absorbed, then wash it off with a warm shower. The lavender in this natural massage oil will help induce deep relaxation and calmness. It is suitable for all skin types and will make your skin soft and smooth.

Check Out Our Collection of Ayurvedic Beauty Products Online

Apsara Natural Acne Care Routine

Treat your acne-prone skin easily with this routine containing the 5 best natural skin care products you need to stop acne breakouts. The cleanser, toner, serum, lotion, and mask in this routine are suitable vegan products for all skin types that can keep your skin healthy, clean, and acne-free.

Apsara Glowing Skin Set

Our Apsara Glowing Skin Set has been formulated to increase the natural glow of your skin. Made with natural ingredients like rose, turmeric, lavender, jasmine, and saffron, the 3 products in this set can brighten up your skin in no time.

Natural Facial Cleanser

Cleansing is the first step in a daily and weekly skin care routine.

Natural Facial Toner

The second step of your daily and weekly skin care routine is toning your skin. Choose one facial toner below that is suitable for your skin type and use it daily.

Natural Face Serum

Your natural facial serum comes next, especially if you have dry skin. Try our Sweet Almond and Wheatgerm Facial Serum to nourish dry skin and fade signs of aging. 

Why Choose Apsara to Buy Vegan Skin Care Products?

Indulge your skin with the goodness of natural ingredients by using Ayurvedic beauty and natural products suitable for all skin types from Apsara Skin Care. The herbs and essential oils in all of our clean beauty products will benefit your skin from deep within. Our best natural skin care products will replenish your skin, and you can expect it to look more stunning and flawless without the usage of any harsh chemicals. Moreover, Apsara’s range of hair care products, like the amla hair oil and amla shampoo, keep you tresses long, healthy, and shiny.


Does normal skin require care?

All skin types need immense care in order to keep their healthy radiance. You can concentrate your efforts on keeping your current happy, healthy-looking complexion.

How are vegan products different from normal products?

Vegan products do not contain any animal substances or ingredients produced from animals. Honey, beeswax, lanolin, collagen, albumen, carmine, cholesterol, gelatin, and a variety of other substances fall into this category. The term "vegan" also refers to a product that has not been subjected to animal experimentation. The types of beauty products offered by Apsara are vegan and have no harsh chemicals in them and are cruelty free.

Can a single product be effective for all skin types?

Yes, there are products that are made up of natural ingredients and suit all skin types. These products are generally vegan and have a mild fragrance. Apsara offers a wide range of products for all skin types, such as Turmeric Herbal Facial Cleanser, Nut Shell Facial Scrub, Rosewater And Turmeric Natural Facial Toner, Essence of Lavender Face Lotion, Sandalwood Facial Serum Rosehip And Citrus Nighttime Facial Serum- best vegan serum for face, facial masks and lip nourishing salve. 

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