Apsara History

Apsara skin care history

Apsara started in the kitchen of a scientist who spent all her time after work formulating skin care products made of 100% natural ingredients. Her Indian heritage made her look towards Ayurveda—the 5000 year old system of health and wellbeing that originated in India. It not only offered clues, but provided an exhaustive list of natural ingredients that have been used for ages for natural beauty care. Many of these ingredients came straight out of her kitchen cabinets, and products made with these were literally good to eat! And their results as everyday skin care aids were fabulous!

Quickly this desire to utilize nature’s bounty for personal care turned into a serious passion. The kitchen soon resembled a laboratory. The project was getting bigger, and it was clear it was meant to keep growing.

Apsara was born out of a sincere desire to develop and manufacture cruelty-free beauty care products that use natural ingredients in skin-friendly formulations. Apsara products have the minimum number of ingredients to deliver targeted results.

Apsara encourages you to "go natural. It is good karma!"