Our philosophy is simple, just as the ingredient deck of our products. We believe in using time-tested natural ingredients known for centuries to deliver on their promise of graceful beauty. We draw from the ancient wisdom of sages & seers; we rely on evidence spanning 1000s of years to bring you skin and hair care products that include powerful Ayurvedic ingredients that are also scientifically studied.

Our commitment is to bring you high quality Ayurvedic products 

We are committed to offering you products made with high quality ingredients. We believe there is no room for unnecessary additives in skin & hair care products.
We are committed to keeping the Ayurvedic tradition of caring for the mind, body and soul alive in our products. Our products offer aromatherapeutic benefits in addition to being transformative for the health & appearance of your skin & hair.

Meet Sheetal Rawal - Our founder whose spirit is reflected in our products, philosophy & company

Our products reflect the personality and the spirit of our founder, Sheetal Rawal. She is a scientist in human genetics, and a dedicated follower of an Ayurvedic lifestyle. Growing up, she started making natural skin care potions in her mother's kitchen in Delhi at the age of 13, and never stopped. Apsara was born out of her passion & her desire to offer clean & highly effective products to the world. Sheetal follows a non-violent, vegan diet & lifestyle. Apsara products are cruelty-free, PETA certified vegan.

We believe harsh chemicals should not be part of personal care, as they can cause more problems than they can solve.

We empower you by educating you about natural personal care

We believe in educating consumers in the spirit of empowering them to make the right choice. Therefore you will find many blogs, podcasts and video tutorials on our site & social media pages. 

We believe in peace & living harmoniously with nature. We believe in beauty with a heart. 

Go natural. It is good karma!