5 Mistakes You are Making That Are Causing Your Hair Fall, Early Greying, Dull, Dry or Frizzy Hair

Most women lose a lot more hair than is normal. This causes the hair to look thin, wispy & without the density or volume that it once had. It is almost impossible to make thin hair look attractive.

At the same time, most women also experience rapid & early graying of hair that results in hours wasted in coloring & hiding the grays in an effort to regain our lost confidence to face the world. Coloring also exposes women to very dangerous chemicals that are linked to serious health concerns. 

Related to above issues is dull & lifeless hair that is prone to frizz & needs a ton of styling products to make it look somewhat under control. These styling products too are filled with toxic chemicals that we must avoid at all costs for good health. 

"Bad hair day" is a common phrase women use to share their hair health related sadness & all of us can relate to it.

But have we asked ourselves these simple questions? 
❓ Is it  normal to lose clumps of hair each time we wash or brush it?
❓ Are we as a collective greying too rapidly?
❓Are the toxic chemicals in our shampoos, conditioners & hair styling products causing these massive hair health issues like hair fall, gray hair, dry, frizzy hair?
❓ Why do we develop dry & frizzy hair as we grow older? After all children do not go through abnormal hair loss or lifeless, dry hair that looks like a broom! So why do we?
❓ What is really going on?

And another question that is equally important:
❓ "What do I need to do to stop hair loss, early greying, dry, frizzy hair"? 

I am going to tell you what is going on and what exactly you can do to get healthy hair that is not prone to falling & going grey rapidly & before time. These are my hair secrets and I want them to be yours too.

I understand your frustration. It used to break my heart to see clumps of hair all over my shower floor at each wash. 
I was terrified of combing my hair for the fear of losing even more hair.
Not only that, during my worst times of hair fall, I would find my hair all over the house. Often I felt deep anguish over this, because I wanted my hair to be thick & healthy. I also experienced dry and frizzy hair that I had to tame using mousse & hairspray.
I decided enough was enough. I went into my research mode & used my skills as a scientist to develop hair care products that thousands all over the world swear by.
But it wasn't only the products, I searched for the common reasons behind these hair issues & made lifestyle changes to fix them.
Let me teach you the most common mistakes that cause hair loss, early greying & dull, dry, frizzy hair. Are you making these mistakes too? More importantly, let me show you how to undo the damage.

💕⁠Sheetal Rawal⁠
Scientist (Human Genetics)
⁠Founder of www.apsaraskincare.com

1. Your Hair Care Products Contain Harsh Chemicals That Cause Hair Fall, Early Graying, Dryness & Frizzy Hair

During my worst hair days, I was using hair care products that were filled with nasty chemicals. For example SLS, parabens, artificial fragrance, PEGs and so many other toxic chemicals were part of my shampoo and conditioner.These chemicals cause the beneficial oils in your scalp & hair to be washed away, leaving your follicles completely starved of nourishment. These chemicals are severely drying & cause your follicles to not be able to support growth.Such products were taking the life out of my hair and causing them to look frizzy, dull.And of course the moment I stopped and made the switch to the hair care products I formulated, the problems went away within a few washes. If there is one tip I have for you, that would be to make immediate changes to your hair care routine & switch to products made with nourishing & repairing natural ingredients. Get information about Apsara Rosemary & Amla Shampoo here. 

2. You Are Not Paying Attention to Your Nutrition

This is easier to fix than you might think. Once I understood that internal health is extremely important to the health of my hair, I made changes. 
You too must make adjustments to your diet to include more plant based proteins & foods rich in zinc & copper to support a thick & shiny head of hair. Other omega 3 rich supplements that are miraculous include organic flax seed oil, avocados, which should be part of your daily diet. 
You can take a multivitamin supplement in case you feel you might not be getting everything you need from your diet alone. 
Additionally, I urge you to STOP eating junk foods, preserved foods and foods grown with insecticides, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics etc. All these are devastating to your health & the health of your hair.
Be sure to includes legumes, nuts & whole grains in your diet to get your daily requirement of zinc, which is one of the most important minerals for healthy hair. 

3. You Are Not Oiling Your Hair

Oiling your hair is the single most important hair care step that I was not doing regularly & enough of.
I urge you to take this step seriously. I mean, honestly, it is so easy & the benefits are time-tested. I saw the lack of a good quality hair oil made with time-tested natural ingredients in the market. So I made my own hair oil, which later became available as our top-selling Rosemary & Amla Hair Oil.
So why do oils work? Because they are deeply & intensely nourishing due to the fatty acid content in them. In addition, they also offer your scalp & hair antioxidants like Vitamin E, which are most essential to reverse the free radical damage due to toxic chemicals & other lifestyle factors such as swimming in chlorine water pools. 
Natural & herbal oils like amla have natural hair strengthening properties. Oils like brahmi, rosemary, shikakai can help promote hair growth while minimizing hair fall & rapid greying. 
Oil your hair & scalp 1-2 times  week before shampooing. 

4. You Do Not Have a Chlorine Filter in Your Shower

I didn't have one either. Until I learnt that chlorine in the tap water can do serious damage to the hair & scalp. In Ayurvedic medicine (Indian system of health & wellbeing), chemicals like chlorine are known to have a hot nature. Which in plain English means that they can dry your scalp & follicles causing excess hair fall, dandruff, and poor follicular health. This can result in issues like early greying & dry, dull hair that look like a broom. As a result we need to use more styling products to make the hair look somewhat normal, which causes increased problems due to the harsh chemicals in these products.
The great news is that nowadays chlorine filters are so small, inexpensive & easy to install. I installed one myself in my shower head. Here is the the chlorine filter I use. 

5. You Are Washing Your Hair 2 or More Times a Week & With Hot Water

Yes, you guessed it right! I used to wash my hair at least 2 times a week. And now, I only wash my hair once a week and sometimes try to stretch it even longer.
Why did I make this switch? Because washing your hair too often is terrible for your hair health. It increases your exposure to chemicals like chlorine in the tap water, toxic chemicals in your hair care products and as I described above, this is very bad for your hair health. Even after you make a switch to natural & gentle hair care products like Apsara's Rosemary & Amla Hair Care Routine, and install a chlorine filter, it is still terrible to wash your hair too often or with hot water.
Water, especially when hot, dissolves the oils in your scalp leaving both your scalp & hair prone to dryness & other issues like hair fall.
But my hair and scalp get oily in a day or 2 after washing, you ask. I hear you. But that is most likely because you are washing your hair too often or have not made a switch to natural hair care products.
Here is how that works. When you wash too often or with a chemical filled shampoo, your scalp gets dry. The follicles try to protect themselves from this dryness by pumping out a lot more oil. Guess what! Now you have an oily scalp which needs to be washed more often, which is dangerous.
But do not worry. It took me only couple of weeks of washing my hair just once a week, before I saw a dramatic improvement in the health of my scalp and hair. I am confident once you make this change, you will see an immense benefit too.

I hope you found this information useful. I find it to be my duty & pleasure to share this information with you so that you too can have the best hair of your life. Get rid of the above 5 habits & watch the transformation for yourself.
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