Never Eat this If You Want Flawless Skin

Up until this point, our podcast has been about us telling you what to do: what foods to eat, what natural ingredients to use, what tips to implement to get glowing skin, hair, and a healthy body. These have all been small positive changes you can make in your life easily. Today, however, we will be taking a different approach and will be telling you what NOT to do. Specifically, we will be discussing food, what you should not eat and what you should avoid.

In this episode of the podcast, Sheetal will share with you 5 foods that should not be in your diet. If you learn how to limit your consumption of these foods, and you follow a daily skin care routine, it is definitely possible for you to get stunning, flawless skin. If you want flawless skin and you think your diet could be an issue, listen to this episode.

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Go natural. It is good karma!

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