Vitamin C is One of the Best Anti-Aging Ingredients. Learn Why

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By: Sravanthi P. & Sheetal R.

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful every day? Our skin is a symbol of our beauty and is the first thing that gets noticed. However, as each day passes by our skin shows the fact that it is aging. Well, aging is natural. But early aging is not. And the problem of aging skin is really the problem of early aging. Because skin that is taken care of properly does not need to show lines and wrinkles till much much later in life. Really! Of course, your overall lifestyle is a huge factor. You cannot be chronically stressed out, sleep deprived, eating junk food etc. and expect to have youthful skin. Similarly, you could have the risk factors in your life under control, but if you do not have a daily and weekly skin care routine, guess what, you are still missing out on skin that glows and radiates with health and vitality. But what if your skin care products are made with harsh chemicals? Well, then you are doing just the reverse. Putting your skin at risk for early aging.

At the end of this article, there is an easy home remedy rich in Vitamin C for glowing skin. Use no more than 1-2 times a week.

Why is that Vitamin C is a big player in your skin’s aging process? As we age,

Lemon for anti-aging
our cumulative free radical damage over time might be too large for the available Vitamin C to handle effectively. So Vitamin C levels might appear to decline over time, maybe in relation to the free radical damage or the high amount of free radicals in our body due to poor lifestyle (includes exposure to environmental pollution).


Fortunately, nature comes to the rescue. We can boost our levels of Vitamin C by both eating foods high in Vitamin C and by applying it directly to our skin. Vitamin C provides both short and long-term positive results in the health and appearance of our skin.

So here are the top benefits that Vitamin C can offer our skin. These reasons make a very compelling case for Vitamin C and why it must be used in our skin care routine.

1. Prevents Lines and Wrinkles

Vitamin C’s secret is in the chemistry behind its ability to reduce and prevent the formation of lines and wrinkles.

Free radicals on our skin, the atoms which have an unpaired electron, use electrons from the strands of collagen which create a gap in the collagen strand. And why is collagen important to our skin? Collagen is a key structural protein which is vital to keep our skin firm and free of lines and wrinkles and a sagging appearance. When Vitamin C products are applied to the skin, Vitamin C reacts with these radicals and neutralizes them before they can attack our collagen fibers.

“I bought two of your serums, just the serums, the [Rosehip & Citrus serum] and the [Sweet Almond & Wheatgerm serum]. They made this [hyperpigmentation] go away.”

2. Firmer Skin

This ties in very closely with the point above. But beyond lines and wrinkles, the foremost sign of aging skin is its loss of firmness. As we age, our skin appears to sag and

Vitamin C for anti-aging
takes on a downward appearance. As though it were far more affected by gravity. As collagen and elastin degrade, the structures under the surface of our skin tend to lose their firm anchors. The connective tissue and muscles droop and sag. When Vitamin C is regularly used as part of our skin care routine, collagen and elastin can be kept healthier so they can support our skin’s internal framework.


Watch this video to learn how to have a daily skin and weekly skin care routine.

Daily intake of Vitamin C is also essential; not only does it help us recover from an illness quickly, but it also keeps our skin firm and youthful internally.

In this video, I teach you a simple homemade remedy using lemon juice, which is naturally rich in Vitamin C. This peanut butter, turmeric and lemon remedy enhances glow while fading the look of dark spots and unevenness of skin. Rosewater in this remedy helps close open pores and firm up your skin. Enjoy and please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

3. It’s a Great Moisture Enhancer and Softens Our Face

Dryness can be reduced by the application of products with Vitamin C because as our skin cells get healthier, they are able to retain much more water. That results in the

Avocado for anti-aging
plump and healthy appearance of skin. On the contrary, skin that is dehydrated tends to look dull and the appearance of lines and wrinkles is far more pronounced on it. Using a high-quality serum made with natural ingredients high in Vitamin C (like avocado oil) nourishes your skin at a very deep level. Following it up with a lotion raises the hydration levels more superficially. Look for an ingredient like aloe vera in your lotion. Aloe vera is a good source of natural Vitamin C.


4. Protects Skin Against Damage Due to UV Exposure

No matter what we do, we cannot avoid going out in the sun, especially in the summer. It could be a morning walk or that bike ride to work. Our day-to-day exposure to the sun is gradually going to accumulate free radical damage on our skin. And yes you have guessed it right. Vitamin C could be also used to neutralize the free radicals resulting from excess sun exposure. When you take care of your skin using products made with Vitamin C-high ingredients, you might find that your skin withstands the negative side effects of excess sun exposure far better.

5. Diminishes Dark Spots and Evens Skin Tone

Dark spots are like black polka dots on a white piece of paper. Although everyone wants to conceal their dark spots, dark spots are the ones that get first attention when

Vitamin C for anti-aging
one looks at our face. However, these spots can be minimized by applying products high in natural Vitamin C. It is also a natural brightening ingredient which evens out the skin tone by lightening up those dark spots.


No wonder then Vitamin C is known for being an “all-rounder” ally in our desire for flawless skin that does not age early. It does everything from making the skin firmer to fading unevenness and dark spots.

Here’s a list of foods that are high in Vitamin C and eating them regularly can be magical as far as your skin’s health and appearance are concerned: Valencia orange, Issai kiwi, tomato, apricots, melons, ivy gourd, nectarines, cabbage

Here is an easy Vitamin C home remedy for glowing skin:


1 tsp. of mashed avocado

10 drops of fresh orange juice

Orange for Vitamin C

10 drops fresh lemon juice

Enough rice flour to make a stiff paste


Apply on your skin and let it sit for 12 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water and immediately after apply your serum and lotion to nourish and hydrate your skin.

Always choose your serum and lotion for your unique skin type. Click here to find out your skin type.

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Go natural. It is good karma!

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