Homemade Face Mask to Erase Lines & Wrinkles, Even Out Skin


Sheetal Rawal, Founder, Apsara Skin Care

What does healthy and ageless skin look like?

Once we draw out a picture we can aim to see what our skin lacks at the current moment and how to get it to become revitalized, firm and even. Healthy and gorgeous skin is firm, well hydrated, calm in appearance, even toned and even textured. Pores are closed and there are no areas that are excessively oily or dry. Lines and wrinkles  are far less apparent on skin that is truly healthy from the inside.


If your skin needs some help in any of these areas, this easy homemade mask can help and come to the rescue.


It can be used 1-2 times a week as a supplement to your complete skin care routine. Is it essential you ask, to have a complete skin care routine? The answer is a decided yes, provided your skin care products do not have harsh chemicals and unnecessary additives in them. In that case, you may as well not have a routine. Temporary results at the cost of long-term damage do not sound appealing to me. I am sure you all will agree too.



Watch this video to learn how to put together a complete skin care routine for yourself:



Here is a simple home remedy that could convince you of the amazing results driven potential of all natural ingredients. Firm, even and revitalized skin with signs of aging far reduced. Sounds appealing? Then go ahead and give this remedy a try.


Face Mask Remedy




1 tsp. of kidney bean paste

Kidney beans for lines, wrinkles, even skin

1 tsp. of aloe vera gel

6 drops of almond oil

5 drops of vegetable glycerin

5 drops of Vitamin E oil




Mix all these ingredients with a fork and massage your skin with the mix for 5 minutes. Use gentle, upward strokes. Leave on for another 10 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water and follow with your serum and lotion.


How does this remedy work?


This face mask combines some fantastic ingredients in a specific combination that can work at many levels.

Aloe vera can speed up the exfoliation of your skin and thus help with issues like unevenness due to blemishes, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. Read this article to learn how aloe vera can make your skin flawless. Vegetable glycerin raises your skin’s water content and diminishes the look of lines and wrinkles. Almond oil nourishes and revitalizes the skin deeply and kidney bean paste provides proteins that your skin loves. Finally, Vitamin E is a significant antioxidant that minimizes and prevents damage to your skin due to free radicals.


In total, this face mask remedy is a fantastic source of proteins, fatty acids, antioxidants, and skin-revitalizing natural ingredients. Who says our skin needs lab-made synthetic ingredients to bloom like a flower on a lovely summer day!


Information is power. So here is some...


What is even skin and how do I even out my skin?


Even skin has a smooth texture. Its color is the same throughout without any blemishes or hyperpigmented areas. The pores are not open.


To get your skin to become even, you must make sure that the upper, duller layers of skin are shedding at an optimal pace so that the skin can look vibrant and dark spots, marks and patches can be shed quickly. At the same time, your skin must be deeply nourished so it does not feel the need to produce too much oil to protect itself. Oily skin tends to have open pores and a look of unevenness to it. Similarly, nourished skin does not show any signs of dryness. Natural ingredients like geranium, sandalwood, jojoba etc. are true superstars that aid to balance out your skin and make it even in all respects. Use skin care products with these high-grade ingredients and rest assured that your choice is an intelligent one, not one that is in response to marketing or the latest trend making the rounds.


How can I quickly fade the look of lines and wrinkles?


A quick approach must be complemented by a more steady and long-term plan. While there are ingredients like vegetable glycerin that can fade the look of lines and wrinkles by attracting moisture to the skin and thus plumping it out, it must be used with ingredients like sweet almond oil, rose essential oil, and carrot seed essential oil, which are far deeper acting. Let’s admit that it is this deep acting nature of these natural ingredients that has earned them a stellar reputation. They have been in use for thousands of years and are still going strong. They do not lend themselves to the cheaply-made mentality of the personal care industry. Therefore, to find products with these superstars in them might be rare. When I was formulating Apsara Skin Care products, it was my most important priority to work only with the best that nature has to offer. Needless to say, I wasn’t let down, and neither were those Apsara users who write in to share their amazing stories with me.


Here is one such heartwarming story. Meghna shares her experience with Apsara Skin Care products.



What does aging of your skin really mean?


It means that the underlying collagen and elastin fibers (protein framework upon which the layers of your skin rest) are degrading and are not in an environment where they can maintain their growth and function.


What causes elastin and collagen to degrade before time?


Many factors, many of which are under our control to prevent. Anything that promotes

DIY face mask for lines, wrinkles, even skin

excess free radical damage can cause your skin to age before time. Stress, fast food, insecticides and pesticides in your diet, harsh chemicals in your skin care products, and inadequate nutrition are some top factors. And as you might have guessed these are all within our control to minimize. As far as skin care goes, using products high in natural antioxidants (eg. turmeric) is the most important thing to consider. Similarly, your diet must be rich in antioxidants. Taking this intelligent approach works towards minimizing free radical damage. The result? A healthy body and skin that simply does not age abnormally.


Watch Jackie share her thoughts and experiences with her Apsara Neem Cleanser and Rose Dew Toner.



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Go natural. It is good karma!

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