I have been getting a lot of breakouts and then they lead to darker pigmentation – on my face esp chin area. I follow a pretty good skin care routine daily. Wearing masks had made it worse.
Additionally, have had a lot of itching in my extremities snd even if I rub (consistency- sometimes unconsciously), skin layers just peel off. Heals with dark pigmentation and at times heals with area that is dark, hard snd feels lumpy.
Any suggestions??


This blog is one of my places on the internet. Thank you for sharing such helpful information. Knowing this really does make a difference.


I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this enlightening podcast. It was delivered in a friendly way and was very informative.


Hi Sheetal. I have lots brown pigmentation on my chest that moving up to my neck. Some spots are quite big. My doctor treated many spits with liquid nitrogen. I want help with treating the pigmentation. Thanks.

Leena Shah

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