3 Diet Tips for Younger-Looking Skin

Sheetal Rawal, Founder, Apsara Skin Care

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When creating a healthy diet for yourself, there are so many elements that you have to consider. You want a diet that is hassle-free and consistent so that your body will regularly receive the nutrients it needs. However, you never want to be bored with your diet, to the point where you may be tempted to break from your diet and eat foods that are not good for you. And on top of all that, there are countless healthy foods you may want to try but seem intimidating to cook with.

Thankfully, optimizing your diet doesn’t have to be a challenge, even if you are also concerned about the quality of your skin and hair. In fact, your diet can influence how your skin and hair look. Here are 3 simple tips that you must implement into your diet if you want younger-looking skin and thick, healthy hair. These tips are what Sheetal herself uses to maintain a healthy diet and promote beauty and well-being from the inside out.

1. Eat More Natural Foods That Contain “Good Fats”

As a society, we have made a collective effort to banish all fats from our diet. The reason why there are so many foods that are labeled “nonfat” and “low fat” is that people have become scared of foods containing any fat whatsoever. However, not all fats are bad. As a matter of fact, there is an important distinction between bad fats and good fats. Bad fats like saturated fats and trans fats can create a lot of health complications if you consume too much of them. These bad fats are typically found in a lot of processed foods.

On the other hand, good fats like omega-3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats are extremely beneficial because they help support your heart, brain, cholesterol levels, skin cells, and hair cells. Increasing your consumption of good fats can not only improve your internal health, but it can also promote younger-looking skin and thick, healthy hair. Therefore, if you hear that a particular food is “high in fat”, you must do your research before writing it off completely. There are so many natural, healthy foods high in good fats, for example, avocados and nuts. Adding a few of these foods to your diet can do wonders for your skin and hair so don’t hesitate whenever you hear or see the phrase “good fats”.

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2. Incorporate Liver-Cleansing Foods Into Your Diet

The liver is not an organ that many people adjust their diet towards, but it is important to add foods to your diet that have liver-cleansing properties. Your liver is primarily responsible for detoxifying your body; it cleans your blood of toxins and other impurities so that your body can dispose of them through your kidneys or your intestines. Without a strong, healthy liver, your body’s ability to purify itself of harmful substances is significantly impaired; this can impact your internal health and result in poor-quality skin and lackluster hair.

Ayurveda has stressed for ages how important it is to cleanse your liver, and two foods highly recommended in Ayurveda to help with that are bitter gourd and dandelion greens. In fact, these two foods are what Sheetal loves to eat on a regular basis, and she eats them to encourage younger-looking skin and thick, healthy hair. However, if both of these foods are too bitter for your taste, one alternative to cleanse your liver is to add more fiber to your diet. A high-fiber diet can improve digestion as well as the function of your liver. Some foods that are rich in fiber include lentils, beans, and chia seeds.

3. Make Sure That Your Diet Does Not Contain Any Harsh Chemicals

We always say that there should be no harsh chemicals in your skin & hair care products. Not only do our products reflect that philosophy, but also the home remedies we share with you, too. Of course, the same is true for your food! If you want younger-looking skin and thick, healthy hair, you should try to keep your diet as clean, healthy, and natural as possible. Artificial foods contain harsh chemicals like preservatives and additives that can increase the toxic load of your body. As we mentioned above, the liver is responsible for detoxification, and if your liver isn’t healthy, the negative impact of the artificial foods in your diet could be magnified. For instance, the lines and wrinkles on your skin may look more pronounced, and you may start to see early graying of hair.

You don’t have to quit eating artificial foods completely; having a snack every once in a while is fine. However, you should strive for a regular diet filled with all-natural foods. By cutting out foods with harsh chemicals from your diet and eating more natural foods, you are encouraging health, radiance, and vitality from the inside out.

If you want more diet tips to get thick, healthy hair, we encourage you to listen to this episode of the Apsara Skin Care podcast. Enjoy and please leave us a review on our iTunes page.

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