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Apsara's Normal Skin Care Routine
Apsara's Normal Skin Care Routine

Apsara's Normal Skin Care Routine


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This Ayurvedic skin-perfecting set is rich in natural age defense properties to promote a flawless glow while hydrating skin.

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Soft, glowing and clear skin after using Apsara Skin Care!

"I have been using Apsara for the last 6 months and the products are amazing. My skin feels very soft and hydrated after using dry skin care products. I can really see the difference in my skin. The Sandalwood Facial Serum works wonders on my skin." - Neha

My skin looks so radiant!

"I have been using Apsara skin products for almost two years now. I get so many compliments on how my skin looks so radiant. I love that all these products are natural and I have had no reaction to my skin (I have sensitive skin). Also, if you do listen to her podcasts, Sheetal gives some homemade recipes for skin care. Everyone in my family uses her products. Thank you Sheetal for Apsara." - Sneha

"The Sandalwood Serum is one of the finest serums!"

"[Sandalwood serum] Is one of the finest serum I have come across. My skin feels rejuvenated after one application. I usually apply this serum at night and my skin feels so soft in the morning. I am obsessed with Apsara products and I highly recommend using these products as they are paraben free, pthalate free and most importantly no harsh chemicals are used." - Swati

My skin feels softer and the lotion smells so good!

"After using the lavender lotion for a week, I see a changes on my skin already. My skin feels softer and it smells so good. I love this lotion and I am eager to try more product from Apsara." - Tenzin

I am using Apsara complete routine care for normal skin for 2 years and no looking back. After using Apsara products my skin looks healthier and soft.

- Shilpa

I ordered the Turmeric facial cleanser, and to be honest it has been the most gentle face wash I've ever used! Would definitely recommend :)

- Summer

I absolutely love how the Turmeric Cleanser makes my skin feel clean, refreshed and yet nourished and not lacking of moisture. I am blessed with good skin naturally but off late I have had total strangers come up to me asking me about my skin.

- Rujul

The Turmeric Cleanser works really really well...It’s just so good for removing makeup, for removing dirt; it 100% cleans your face, doesn’t leave any residue, or anything like that, behind.

- Justice

I have been using the Turmeric cleanser, Sandalwood serum and Lavender lotion. My skin really became very smooth and got a glow after using these products.

- Amulya

I have been using Rosewater and Turmeric Natural Facial Toner for over 6 months now. My skin had much more fresh look.

- Manushi

I love the Rosewater and Turmeric toner! Its main selling point is that it's pore minimizing, lifting, and refreshing. I also find it very brightening and hydrating. Also it is very soothing for when my skin is irritated.

- Erin

I have a very sensitive skin and I was always afraid of trying new products on my face. After consulting with Sheetal, I started using Apsara normal skin care products. The products worked great for me. I could actually feel the difference in a couple of weeks and my skin got better and better over a period of time.

- Nandina

I have been using the normal skin care products and absolutely love them. I see a great difference in my skin.

- R. K.

Just in 3 days my skin feels so good. I am very satisfied, my skin never felt like that since i moved to Canada

- Manaswitha

Turmeric Herbal Facial Cleanser

A hydrating pH-balanced gel cleanser that gently clarifies while providing intense relief for dry and mature skin.

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Rosewater & Turmeric Natural Facial Toner

This natural rosewater toner acts like a hydrating astringent for mature skin.

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Sandalwood Facial Serum

This nourishing serum is enriched with wheatgerm, rosehip, and evening primrose oils to provide potent wrinkle defense.

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Essence of Lavender Face Lotion

This creamy moisturizer nourishes mature skin for a healthy, youthful radiance.

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Papaya And Sugar Mask

This precious face mask soothes, balances, and rejuvenates while gently purifying mature skin.

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