Easy Home Remedy to Get Rid of Dry, Chapped Lips

Though winter is notorious for drying out our lips, chapped lips can occur at any point in the year. Chapped lips can be very uncomfortable, and they are easily noticeable. A lip balm can provide some relief, but some lip balms on the market are filled with harsh chemicals like phthalates, which may make your dryness worse. To get rid of chapped lips for good, you need to make sure that your lips are properly nourished.

In this episode of the podcast, Sheetal will share with you a home remedy that can alleviate chapped lips. This remedy is so simple; you only need 2 ingredients! If you aren’t already using Apsara’s Lip Nourishing Salve, this DIY remedy can be quite handy, and it may even help your lips look plumper and healthier. To learn how to make this DIY, please listen to this episode.

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Go natural. It is good karma!

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