How to Use Banana Peel to Remove Blackheads and Fade Dark Spots

banana peel for blackheads

Many of us struggle with blackheads and dark spots. You are not alone. Blackheads are a sign of imbalanced skin and most of us at one time or another get exposed to factors that leave our skin imbalanced and prone to blackheads. Therefore the question of how to remove dark spots and blackheads is on top of our minds.

The most common factors that contribute to blackheads and dark spots are dehydration of skin which forces our skin to overproduce oil. Harsh chemicals in skin care products are notorious for dehydrating and drying out out the skin. Ironically many of these products promise to encourage blackhead removal, but end up making the situation worse. Likewise dark spots tend to look even more prominent when your skin is dry and dehydrated. Other factors include hormonal imbalance, stress and a poor diet.

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We can either spend time and money on over-the-counter medications to fade dark spots and blackhead-removal tools that can leave your skin bruised and scarred, or we can be smart about the situation and fight it at its roots. Lucky for us, there are plenty of natural ingredients that are effective in removing blackheads and are safe to use. They not only clear your skin but also nourish it from within.

One such ingredient is the good old banana. Known for its ability to fight acne, blemishes and dark spots, it is undoubtedly one of the cheapest and most effective natural options out there.

So, What Makes Banana Peel for Blackheads So Effective?

Here is what could make banana peel so effective in helping you get rid of your pesky skin issues.

While it is hard to know exactly what a banana peel does step-by-step in improving your skin and removing blackheads and dark spots, some of the thoughts lead directly to its awesome antioxidant potential.

1. Many of these antioxidants like vitamin C are well known to encourage skin exfoliation, which can result in dead cell removal and unclogging of your pores. Remember blackhead removal means unclogging your pores.

2. Vitamin E and lutein in a banana peel can cause a reduction in free radical damage, which results in fading of those pesky dark spots on your skin

3. Bananas in general have a good amount of polysaccharides and water, which means increased hydration to your skin. As I said earlier, dehydration of skin can lead to blackheads. Therefore anything you can do to raise the hydration levels to your skin can result in blackhead removal. Plump and well hydrated skin also tends to look clear, with the appearance of dark spots much reduced

4. Banana peels are loaded with skin friendly vitamins A, E, and B-6, all of which are linked to skin health and its maintenance

Tips for Blackhead Removal and Fading Dark Spots by Using Banana Peel

Here is how you can use banana peels in your daily beauty routine to get rid of those annoying blackheads and dark spots. Just remember to follow with your skin care routine meant for your skin type. Watch this video to learn how to put together a skin care routine for yourself.

Apply Banana Peel Directly on Your Skin For Dark Spots

1. Wash your face with your gentle and  pH-balanced herbal face cleansers and lukewarm water

2. Pat your face dry with a soft towel

3. Remove the skin off a yellow/brown banana and cut its peel into tiny pieces

4. Turn it over and rub the white part of the peel on your dark spots and blackheads

5. Gently rub the peel until its white inside turns into a darker color

6. Repeat the process for the next 5-10 minutes

7. Once done, do not wash your face just yet. Leave the residue on your face for 15 minutes

8. Wash your face with lukewarm water and then follow with your toner, serum and lotion for your skin type

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Banana Peel, Rosewater and Lemon Blackhead-Removal Mask

Lemon is a natural dark spots lightening agent and works wonders with blackhead removal by encouraging your pores to unclog. Its astringent properties can help shrink open pores. Do not use lemon juice undiluted on your skin. Used like this it can dry out

rosewater for pore tightening
your skin and only worsen the situation.

1. Score the insides of a banana peel with a fork

2. Now mix together one tablespoonful of rosewater and 12 drops of fresh lemon juice

3. With a cotton ball squeeze this lemon and rosewater mix on the banana peels

4. Apply on your skin and massage in for about 3-5 minutes

5. Leave on for another 10 minutes

6. Wipe your skin with a wet towel

7. Follow with your toner, serum and lotion

Here is a home remedy using banana peel to fade the look of under eye dark circles, lines, wrinkles and crow's feet. Enjoy!

Sugar, Oatmeal and Banana Peel Remedy for Dark Spots & Blackheads

Oatmeal & sugar are excellent companions to a banana peel for blackhead removal. Glycolic acid in sugar and skin soothing sugars in oatmeal create perfect conditions to unclog that pore without upsetting your skin.

1. Peel a banana; mix in ½ cup oatmeal and 3 tbsp. brown sugar

2. Paste the ingredients using a blender until all of it turns into smooth

3. Massage this mix on your skin and leave it on for 15-minutes

4. Rinse it off with lukewarm water and use a soft cotton towel to pat your face dry

5. Use toner, serum and lotion right after

A readymade and best natural face mask can do wonders to quickly remove those blackheads and fade the appearance of dark spots. Apsara’s Sulfur Facial Mask is awesome for blackhead removal and Apsara’s Papaya & Sugar Mask takes the prize for its splendid black spot and pigmentation-fading properties


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Banana Peel Paste and Baking Soda Mix

Baking soda dissolves excess oil and thus is very effective in blackhead removal. However using it too often or too much can cause your skin to become dry. So with baking soda remember, less is more.

1. Take a ripe banana peel and blend it into a paste in your kitchen blender

2. Mix 1/2 cup of aloe juice and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda

3. Add in the banana peel paste

4. Dip a paper towel in the mix and apply on your skin

5. Peel away after 15 minutes

6. Follow with toner, serum and lotion meant for your skin type

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Did you find this information helpful? Do you know any other natural methods that can prevent dark spots and blackheads? Let me know in comment section below!

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