How to Stop Hair Fall and Regrow Thick Hair Using Almond Oil


Are you struggling with hair breakage, hair fall, poor hair growth? How many times have you considered getting your hair snipped just so that they can grow back stronger? What if I told you that you that the more you stress about your hair fall, the worse it gets. Yes there are scientific studies proving this correlation between stress and hair fall. Also look at your nutrition to figure out important deficiencies. Your follicles need nutrition to do their job afterall. Lastly adopt natural ingredients like almond oil to

stop hair fall

nourish your scalp and hair so they can be long, strong, lustrous and of course not likely to fall abnormally.  

What I am about to reveal has a real potential of making your hair woes go away. You can significantly improve the quality of your hair and stop hair fall by following this simple and practical threefold advice. So here it comes.



1. If you want to support your hair growth and stop and prevent hair fall one of the first things is to look at your stress levels.


2. Second is to take time to see if your diet is balanced with plenty of essential vitamins, minerals and of course proteins. Plant proteins like those in lentils, broccoli, peas, barley etc. are an absolute fertilizer for your hair. If I can go that far of course!


Get natural ingredients to work for your hair to keep them in their healthiest and most beautiful state.


3. One of the key elements to stop hair fall is to eliminate harsh chemicals from your hair care routine. It is quite essential to switch to a natural hair care rotuine and to use a high quality hair oil to massage your scalp with 1-2 times a week.


In this article I will teach you how to use almond oil to get your hair to be gorgeous and stop issues like hair fall, dry & damaged hair. Alright let’s get into it. But some important facts first. Almond oil is a rich source of fatty acids and vitamin E. It also offers vitamin K and choline. But I really want to focus on the fats and antioxidants in almond oil that make it a deserving superstar of hair care. Seriously! Wouldn’t this be the reason

stop hair fall

why Ayurvedic hair care tips and products are incomplete without almond oil as their cornerstone ingredient for healthy hair and to end hair fall. Good fats are our hair’s best friend. They deeply nourish follicles, bringing them back to life and vitality. Vitamin E minimizes and reverses free radical damage. When it comes to its antioxidant potential, vitamin E is a serious player.  


So as an ancient ingredient, almond oil has the ability to strengthen your hair at the root level and also replenish it with essential nutrients. The positive results include a successful end of excess hair fall.

Almond oil is handsdown one of the best single ingredients to fix damaged hair and hair fall. Mixed in with other superstars like amla, brahmi, shikakai etc. its effects are unparalleled. Your readymade natural hair oil must have all these herbal oils in it to be considered worthy of your attention. Period.


Here are some top benefits of almond oil for your hair:


1. It makes your hair long and healthy: it does so by providing your follicles nutrition so they can grow healthy hair.

2. It helps discourage split ends: The first tell tale sign of unhealthy hair is split ends. When your scalp is in a poor condition it does not produce enough natural oils to nourish your hair’s entire length. The result is split ends. Nourish your hair and follicles and eliminate the reason behind split ends.

3. Can be your natural leave-in conditioner: Please say a final good by to your harsh chemical-laden leave-in conditioner. Rub 3-4 drops of almond oil between the palms of your hands and run through wet hair. Air dry and done! Start small. You do not want to end up with oily hair.


4. Ends abnormal hair fall: Well losing some strands of hair is normal, but if you get a shock each time you look at your comb, you need to start using a high quality hair oil 1-2 times a week. As a single oil almond oil is wonderful to end hair fall. How? Well it all comes back to its awesome nutritional profile. It is chock full of follicle-food. Let’s just put it that way.


Tips & Remedies to Use Almond Oil to End Hair Fall & Grow a Long & Thick Head of Hair.

Using almond oil regularly can really improve your hair quality, prevent hair fall and fix other hair woes. But that being said, I cannot stress enough how important it is to use

how to end hair fall

organic therapeutic grade almond oil for this purpose.

Here are some almond oil remedies to end hair fall and get your hair to be healthy and full of vitality:

Almond Oil & Castor Oil Heavenly Hair Mix
3 TSP almond oil
1 teaspoon of castor oil

Mix well and massage into your scalp with your fingertips. Be gentle and thorough. Run the remaining all along your tresses. Leave in for 2-3 hours and then use your SLS free shampoo and natural conditioner.


Warm Almond Oil Anti- Hair Fall Scalp Rub



Use a double boiler to warm up a few tablespoons of almond oil. You can use your stovetop but beware. Use simmered heat and never ever allow the almond oil to get hot. Not only can it cause serious burns, it can also compromise with the nutritional profile

sheetal rawal

of the oil. Now gently massage this warm oil on your scalp. This gentle heat can open up the follicles a bit so they can easily take in the nutrition. Leave it on overnight if possible and wash your hair the next morning with a natural shampoo. Then condition as usual.

Almond Oil, Aloe Vera & Sunflower Oil Blend to Stop Hair Fall

3 TSP almond oil
1 TSP sunflower oil
1 TSP aloe vera gel

Aloe vera raises hydration and its plant hormones can unclog your hair follicles getting them back to a healthy state so they can hang on to your hair strands rather than let go of them. Sunflower oil is chock full of fats and nourishment and makes an ideal companion to almond oil and aloe vera in this “end yor hair fall” remedy.

Mix the 3 ingredients and dab on your scalp with a cotton ball. Gently massage in and use the remaining to cover the rest of your hair. Clip up and wear a shower cap to keep you head warm so that your follicles can absorb the goodness of this nutrient rich mix. In about 3 hours wash with your gentle shampoo and follow with conditioner. If you think you can get away with using a run-of-the-mill shampoo, you are wrong. The harsh chemicals in it can undo all this effort in the matter of a single wash.

Please use the comments below to share your hair care suggestions with us. Fill out this form to get help and advice. Going natural with your skin and hair care can have profound positive effects on your beauty, confidence and health. Let Apsara help you get there naturally.

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