5 Smartest Hair Hacks to Keep Your Hair Color From Fading Too Fast.

Well I have heard this way too often to ignore this topic. This question comes up in various versions. Here are a few.

I have to color to cover my greys, but I do not want to dye my hair too often.

What can I do?

How do I get my new and fun hair color to last longer?

I want to keep my highlights for longer. How?

Whatever the reasons, you want your hair color to last longer so you do not have to dye too often.

I agree. Aside from the time, effort and money it takes to color your hair, for me something else is far more alarming. It is the very harsh chemicals in a typical hair dye that are scary. These are now linked to serious health concerns and people just like yourselves are becoming more aware of the issues.

To create a completely natural hair dye that comes in as many shades as human hair is a tall challenge. I must admit. However I will also say that this challenging project is almost constantly on my mind. It is my hope that one day soon something magical will come to life at Apsara Skin Care. A hair color that is all natural and does its job well.

However, until that time I have some splendid tips for you. Practice these and your hair dye will have every reason to last longer.

Additionally your hair and scalp health can improve significantly. Why you ask.

Well, harsh chemicals in hair dyes are dehydrating and very drying to your scalp and hair both. In Ayurveda the usage of harsh chemicals is linked to many issues like hair fall, rapid greying, dandruff and itchy scalp. In addition your hair can become dry and fizzy and issues like split ends can become a menace.

So let’s delve right into it:

1. Minimize Hair Washes: This one tip can make a profound positive difference to the health and appearance of your hair. There are many salts added to tap water and their

2. Get Rid of Harsh Hair Products: When I realized the amount of damage my shampoo was doing to my hair, I resolved to formulate hair care products for my own use. Now many of you use the same system and I get a lot of emails from you telling me how your hair health has improved.

Coming to hair color, if there is one thing that washes it off rapidly, it is the SLS in a typical, run-of-the-mill shampoo. Not surprising since it is a very strong detergent. So do not use a shampoo that has SLS in it. Your shampoo must be free of many other nasty ingredients like phthalates, parabens, fake fragrance etc. that can do hair damage.

3. Oil Your Hair Every Week: For those of Indian descent, this tip comes as no surprise. For those of you who didn’t know about the importance of a hair oil in your hair care routine, I can help. I personally use Apsara’s Rosemary and Amla Hair Oil weekly and swear by it.


A typical hair oil is chock full of fatty acids, antioxidants and proteins. In other words nourishment and protection that your follicles and hair love and thrive on. Herbal oils like amla, shikakai, bhringraj, rosemary and others are known to strengthen you hair and overtime discourage greying. Existing grey hair can look far less apparent due to the hair darkening properties of amla and rosemary in particular. This has been observed for thousands of years but we might not know how these ingredients work to result in this effect. In other words there is a lack of scientific studies to look at these ingredients and how specifically they help in reducing greying of hair so that a hair dye does not have to be used too often.

4. Do Not Wash Your Hair with Hot Water: Seriously this is bad for your hair. Hot water washes off beneficial oils from your hair and scalp and can result in many issues. Dry hair, dandruff, frizz are some top ones. Hot water for this same reason washes off your hair color rapidly as well. A rule of thumb is that an increase in water temperature increases its ability to dissolve and loosen. You do not want your hair color to be washed off that rapidly. So stick to lukewarm temperature. It is the best for your skin and hair both.

In this video I go into detail about reasons behind hair & scalp issues. I share practical tips to get your hair & scalp to be healthy and problem-free. I also teach you a simple DIY hair oil recipe. Enjoy!

5. Stay Away from Alcohol Based Styling Products: Alcohol is a very well known irritant. It could have a significant capacity to dissolve and loosen up your hair color. Another reason to stay miles away from it; if you are wondering. It is a terrible ingredient that dries up you hair and makes them lifeless. If your gel, mousse or hair spray says “flammable” chances are it has alcohol in it. Throw them away if you want your hair to be gorgeous and full of life and vitality. Want to extend your hair color for as long as possible? Well in that case these styling products need to go.

Many of you might be wondering how you might tame frizz and combat dryness without a gel, or a hair spray.

Well here is my advice: Diligently follow the tips I shared in this article and you might never have to use these products to tame your hair. When your hair is so perfect and glossy, what is there to tame!

Ready to go natural with your skin and hair care? Got questions? Well I am here to help. Fill out this form and wait for a speedy reply from me.

Go natural. It is good karma!



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