4 Highly Effective Tips to Eliminate Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes

Sheetal Rawal, Founder, Apsara Skin Care

Above: Sheetal Rawal, scientist (human genetics) & founder of Apsara Skin Care

By: Marty S.

Many of us have experienced a bad hair day before, but have you ever had a “bad eye day” before? When you wake up in the morning and notice dark circles or puffiness around your eye area, it takes a lot of your time and energy to hide those eye issues from plain sight. Your eye area deserves to be stunning, but when you have a bad eye day, all you want to do is make sure that your eyes aren’t drawing too much attention to themselves. 

You may have a few time-tested tricks to cover up those dark circles and puffiness when they suddenly appear, but there are things you can do to reduce their likelihood of developing in the first place. Today, you will learn some of our favorite ones. Continue reading to learn 4 tips that can help you eliminate dark under-eye circles and puffiness around your eye area. Dark circles and puffy eyes can make your skin look more dull, discolored, and lackluster, so learning natural ways to get rid of these eye issues can help you achieve a more stunning eye area. 

1. Reduce Your Stress to Get a Stunning Eye Area

If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping, you should know that a lack of sleep can cause dark circles and puffy eyes; sleep time is your body’s time to repair itself and a consistent sleep schedule can keep those skin issues away. However, your lack of sleep could be indicative of ongoing stress. Stress is terrible for your skin because it can lead to higher levels of inflammation, and more inflammation can result in lines, wrinkles, and unevenness. With regards to your eye area, stress could make the dark circles and puffiness around your eye area more prominent. 

A restful night of sleep can go a long way to minimize your stress levels and diminish the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. However, if you struggle with establishing a consistent sleep schedule, one thing you can do is create a to-do list before bed. A to-do list can ease your worries by helping you actualize your goals for the upcoming day. In turn, this should help you sleep a little better, which will lead to fewer dark circles and less puffiness around your eye area. To learn more simple ways to destress yourself, click here.

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2. Use Polarized Sunglasses To Reduce Eye Strain & Dark Circles

Sunglasses are more than just a fashion statement. Not only can they effectively hide your dark circles and puffy eyes, but they can also help you avoid developing these eye issues in the future. Sunglasses protect your eyes from UV light and free radical damage. Free radical damage is bad for your skin in general, but because the skin in your eye area is very delicate and sensitive, your eye area is more prone to free radical damage and thus more likely to develop dark circles, unevenness, and puffiness.

Whether you’re driving in direct sunlight or you’re getting a natural tan at the beach, sunglasses can help prevent dark circles from appearing on your skin and minimize eye strain from a bright environment. We recommend using polarized sunglasses because they help minimize glare, which can lead to less squinting, less eye strain, and a more stunning eye area.

3. Reduce Salt in Your Diet to Minimize Eye Puffiness

Whether you care about a stunning eye area or not, you should try to limit your daily salt intake. Too much salt internally can cause high blood pressure, various heart problems, et cetera. However, externally, a diet rich in salt may be responsible for your dark circles and puffy eyes. Consuming a lot of salt regularly can lead to water retention, and this can appear as bloat, swelling, and puffiness around your eyes. Plus, water retention can make your skin look duller and more discolored, and this could lead to dark circles as well as discoloration around your eye area.

Cutting salt from your diet is easy when you look at the ingredients list of your foods. When preparing foods at home, try not to overuse salt; if you think that your puffy eyes and your diet are linked, it might be time for you to cut the salt back and start experimenting with different spices and different flavors.

4. Use Natural Ingredients to Nourish Your Eye Area & Fade Dark Circles

One secret tip that you might not be aware you have access to is right in your kitchen or pantry. There are plenty of natural ingredients that can nourish your eye area and make it look more stunning. For example, as we mentioned above, free radical damage can cause dark circles and puffiness around your eye area to appear. To minimize that free radical damage, you will need antioxidants, and many antioxidant-rich natural ingredients can do the job, from turmeric to Vitamin E oil.

At Apsara Skin Care, we have plenty of DIY home remedies where you can learn how to use the ingredients in your kitchen to get rid of dark circles and eye puffiness. If you don’t want the fuss of a home remedy, we also have the Cucumber Under Eye Serum, a product made with all-natural ingredients and one that countless customers swear by. 

As we mentioned above, we have many home remedies that can help you fade dark circles and minimize eye puffiness. Watch the video below to learn how you can do so with banana & turmeric. Enjoy and please subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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Go natural. It is good karma!

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