Top Stress Relief Tips for Younger, Glowing Skin

Sheetal Rawal, Founder, Apsara Skin Care

Above: Sheetal Rawal, scientist (human genetics) & founder of Apsara Skin Care

By: Marty S.

Given how long 2020 seems to have been, it is no question that most of us feel physically, emotionally, and mentally drained right now. The stress from the past month alone, never mind the entire year, might be what’s occupying your thoughts constantly or keeping you up for many nights. If you’re not exhausted all the time, you’re likely worried or unsure of what is going to happen the day after. Plus, with our usual sources of relaxation (going to the movies, hanging out with friends, going to a party, et cetera) temporarily suspended at the moment, it sometimes feels like our stress is rising to levels we’re not used to. 

You can’t shield yourself from the stress of the world completely (unless you want to live like a hermit) so it is vital to learn how to manage your stress effectively. Stress can take a huge toll on the quality of your skin and hair, to the extent that stress may make you look years older than you actually are. It is thought in Ayurveda that experiencing an excessive amount of stress may lead to disease. If the stress of 2020 has made you feel as though you’ve aged several years, you definitely don’t want it to impact how you look, too. Today, we will share with you 3 ways to find relief from your stress. Utilizing these tips can lead to a calmer sense of being as well as youthful, glowing skin and gorgeous hair.

1. Create a To-Do List

For many of us, stress is often the result of a lack of planning. We all forget things occasionally, but losing track of important deadlines or failing to do some errands throughout the day can create a lot of anxiety and stress when you finally remember them. This type of stress can easily be avoided if you make a to-do list or schedule for the following day. Having a to-do list can provide a lot of relief because it is a physical reminder that shows you what you have accomplished and what you still need to do. If you have a deadline or task that needs to be done, a to-do list can help you prioritize your time wisely, especially if it’s something that you don’t want to do.

By creating a to-do list or schedule regularly, it may become easier for you to learn how you can spend your time wisely, how to cut down on nonessential tasks, and how to delegate tasks whenever possible. For example, if you have a weekly schedule where you drive around town to complete various errands, you may figure out a more efficient route that doesn’t add to your stress levels. Ideally, you should build a schedule that you can enjoy doing, or at the very least, doesn’t cause any feeling of dread. 

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2. Give Yourself Time Every Day to Calm Your Body & Mind

Speaking of making a to-do list, it may seem a little paradoxical, but you should schedule into your day some relaxation time. In particular, this period of time should be spent in silence. When stress wreaks havoc on our lifestyles, it can make your mind more active than it normally should be; this can manifest in a “fight-or-flight” response. Normally, “fight-or-flight” helps you better navigate emergencies or moments of crisis, but when you are constantly put under stress, that “fight-or-flight” response can negatively impact your internal health as well as the quality of your skin and hair. 

In order to counteract stress, it is essential to take time out of the day, allow your mind and body to be still, and practice mindfulness. It doesn’t have to be too long; 15 minutes can be more than enough time. Some people like meditating or doing yoga while others may enjoy listening to music and practicing deep breathing exercises. What matters is you taking this time to refocus and calm your mind so that it is easier for you to tackle challenges that might head your way. You can close your eyes, but try not to fall asleep! Being awake and aware of your surroundings is key.

If doing nothing doesn’t interest you, instead try Abhyanga. Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic practice that is simply a massage with warm oils. A normal massage relaxes your muscles, relieves stored up tension, and soothes your body, but with the inclusion of warm natural oils, Abhyanga can deeply nourish your skin as well as provide anti-aging benefits. You can seek a professional to try Abhyanga, but you can easily try it at home. Just remember to use this time to be still and self reflect. Also, if you try Abhyanga at home, we encourage you to use Apsara Skin Care's massage oils to deeply nourish your skin at the same time.

3. Learn What Things You Can Control in Your Life

When a to-do list/schedule and a time to relax aren’t enough to decrease a notable amount of stress in your life, perhaps the problem lies in your mindset. Often, we experience stress because we are deeply impacted by every little thing that goes wrong in our lives; for example, your car keeps breaking down and you don’t know why, or your weight doesn’t change no matter how much effort you put in. To this, we say, and we can’t emphasize this more than enough: you can’t control everything in your life. You shouldn’t try to; not only can it lead to more stress in your life, but also more disappointment. 

If you want to live a more stress-free lifestyle, one of the things you have to discover for yourself is what you can and can’t control in your life. You don’t have to blindly accept the mistakes and missteps that happen under your control, but you also shouldn’t dwell on them for too long. When you do encounter a situation that is beyond your control, rather than get frustrated, tense, or anxious, it’s important to take a step back and take a deep breath. If there is nothing you can do to feasibly change anything, then it’s time to adopt a sense of surrender. Doing so and keeping that outlook in mind can do wonders for your mental health, and it may also help you get glowing, youthful skin.

Stress can lead to dull, aged skin and hair fall, but you may not know why. Listen to this episode of the Apsara Skin Care podcast to find out more. Enjoy and please leave us a review on our iTunes podcast page!

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