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3 Home DIYs to Erase Lines, Wrinkles Without Botox

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Sheetal Rawal, Founder, Apsara Skin Care

Left: Sheetal Rawal, scientist (human genetics) & founder of Apsara Skin Care

By: Marty S.

Home remedies by Sheetal Rawal

Anti-aging fads come and go, but one that has withstood the test of time is Botox. Botox has been accepted as an easily accessible method of keeping those fine lines and wrinkles under control. While you may not have to go under the knife for Botox, though, there are still plenty of risks associated with it that should leave you skeptical.

First, Botox can be an uncomfortable experience for those who don’t like needles or those who have a low tolerance for pain; some report that the pain is minimal while others say that the pain may persist after the treatment is over. Second, unless you plan on undergoing multiple treatments, Botox is ultimately temporary; after about 4 to 6 months, the effects of Botox will start to wear off. Finally, even the name of Botox is concerning; Botox is actually short for Botulinum Toxin, which means that you’re injecting a neurotoxin into your skin to get rid of those lines and wrinkles. As a result, you might experience side effects such as itching, bruising, and swelling. Injecting poison into your skin for a more flawless appearance should not be the only answer.

Rather than go through all that hassle, you can use homemade remedies on your skin to make those fine lines and wrinkles on your skin vanish naturally. By using natural ingredients, you don’t have to worry about any unfortunate side effects. Here are 3 anti-aging home remedies that you should use to replace Botox and get flawless, youthful skin easily, no injections needed!

1. Vegetable Glycerin & Corn Flour Paste to Moisturize Dry Skin & Reduce Fine Lines, Wrinkles

If your skin is dry or you have a dry skin type, your skin might look more aged than it normally is. While dry skin might not be the cause of your fine lines and wrinkles, it can make them look more pronounced. Of course, to alleviate dryness, you should moisturize your skin, and what better way to do so than with humectants? Humectants are substances that attract moisture. This means that if your skin is drier than your environment or you live in a naturally humid place, a humectant will draw that moisture towards your skin and make it more hydrated in the process. For this very reason, many moisturizers on the market right now are also humectants.

One of the most popular humectants out there is vegetable glycerin, which is created through plant oils. Vegetable glycerin works very well with other natural ingredients, as you will see in the anti-aging remedies found below.


12 drops of vegetable glycerin

1 tbsp. of corn flour

Rosewater, as needed


Mix the vegetable glycerin and corn flour together. Add enough rosewater to the mixture until you get a paste.

Apply the paste and leave it on for 12 to 15 minutes.

Wash it off with warm water. Follow with your toner, serum, and lotion.

Use 1 to 2 times a week.

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2. Banana & Vegetable Glycerin Massaging Mix for Firm, Plump Skin

Besides humectants, there are other hydrating compounds that you can apply on your skin to diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles. One such compound is lutein, which can be found in bananas. Bananas are also rich in other nutrients, for instance, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, two skin-friendly nutrients that contribute to a more ageless look. Specifically, Vitamin A promotes cell renewal, encouraging more youthful skin. Vitamin C, on the other hand, boosts the production of collagen, a protein that is responsible for skin elasticity and firmness. Plus, both of these vitamins are antioxidants, which eliminate free radicals that can cause early fine lines and wrinkles.


1 tbsp. of mashed ripe banana

10 drops of vegetable glycerin

1 tsp. of almond butter


Mix the ingredients together.

Apply and massage the mixture onto your skin for 3 to 5 minutes. Leave it on for 10 minutes.

Wash the mixture off with warm water. Follow with a daily skin care routine based on your skin type. Click here to find out what your skin type is.

Use once a week.

3. Almond Oil & Vegetable Glycerin Massaging Mix to Nourish Skin & Promote Youthfulness

While not the same as moisturizing your skin, nourishing your skin with a natural face oil can be just as beneficial for two reasons. First, natural oils such as olive oil and coconut oil are rich in good fats like omega-3 fatty acids, which help replenish your skin cells and keep them healthy. When your skin is healthy, it becomes less prone to early aging. Second, your skin can readily absorb natural oils. When you massage your skin with one, it may start to look a little more plump and glowing right away.

There are plenty of face oils on the market, but if you don’t know where to begin, try almond oil. Almond oil can answer many, if not all, of your anti-aging concerns because it contains a large amount of Vitamin E, an antioxidant known to diminish early signs of aging.

Here’s a friendly tip you should know about oils: when they nourish your skin, they lock in your skin’s moisture so that your skin does not dry out. If your skin feels a little dry after applying a face oil, it may be because your skin is not naturally moisturized. Therefore, combining an oil with natural ingredients that are inherently hydrating (such as vegetable glycerin) is the preferred option, such as the remedy below.


1 tsp. of almond oil

8 drops of vegetable glycerin

⅛ tsp. of turmeric


Mix the ingredients together.

Apply and massage the mixture onto your skin for 3 to 5 minutes. Leave it on for 10 minutes.

Wash it off with warm water. Then, use your toner, serum, and lotion.

Use once a week.

Here is another remedy you definitely should try to minimize those lines and wrinkles. This is a face mask that contains peanut butter, turmeric, and banana. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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Go natural. It is good karma!