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Apsara's Dry Skin Care Routine
Apsara's Dry Skin Care Routine

Apsara's Dry Skin Care Routine


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This hydrating Ayurvedic skincare routine deeply nourishes & revitalizes skin for an all-natural glow!

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"Sheetal suggested I use the Carrot Seed Face Lotion & ROOP! OMG !
I can't even try any other products at any cost ! My skin is great even without any make up. " - Mitra

"My skin is really smooth and even the pigmentation is fading away."

"Just love these products. I had really bad dry skin where it was peeling around the nose and forehead area. Started using dry skin range products and can see the difference in just less than 4 weeks. My skin is really smooth and even the pigmentation is fading away. Skin is glowing now." - Harpreet

"Doing WONDERS on my dry skin!

"My skin is very dry and gets white heads often. I have tried many products and nothing worked like Apsara. I have been using the Root Vetiver Cleanser and Carrot seed moisturizer past 15 days and I can personally feel great and I don't see any more white heads!" - Rohini

"I have very dry skin. I usually can't find anything that keeps it feeling nice, moisturized, hydrated all day long.  I can the Carrot Seed Lotion use twice a day. It goes on, it smells so pretty, with a kind of carrot-patchouli, just really delicious scent. And especially, if I take a minute and I roll it on the skin and really wake up the skin and make sure it absorbs, I feel great all day." - Vanessa

My skin was dehydrated but within few days of using Apsara dry skin products, I could feel my skin nourished and less stretched.

- Simran

I started using Apsara's Root of Vetiver Facial Cleanser & Carrot Seed Lotion and I wake up in the morning with soft, hydrated & supple skin which lasts throughout the day.

- Chandani

I am loving my Krishna Sandal Wood Mask. It also acts as scrub after it dries, it is really awesome my skin after mask so sooo smooth and radiant glowing.

- Divya

My skin is very dry, but after using Apsara Skin Care products it’s been glowing and feeling very happy!!

- Archana

Within 3 weeks I found differences in my skin. There is no dryness at all. My skin is glowing now.

- P. S.

I have always suffered from dry and uneven skin. Just 2-3 drops of the Evening Primrose Serum daily has drastically improved my skin, it is no longer tight and dry, and my complexion is so even.

- Saskia

I have used various products for my facial dry skin and nothing helped. I have started using Carrot Seed Lotion from Apsara for 3 weeks now and my face looks supple and well hydrated all the time.

- Jen

My skin is not at all dry after I started using Evening Primrose Serum. Love all the products.

- Pratyasa

I have extreme dry skin and the Eucalyptus Lotion keeps my skin moisturized for the whole day.

- Ana

My face used to have dry patches by the end of the day. I started using apsara products 2 years ago and I never have a dry patch and my skin looks very nourished all the time.

- Nandini

Step 1: Root Of Vetiver Herbal Facial Cleanser

A hydrating pH-balanced gel cleanser that gently clarifies while providing intense relief for dry skin.

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Step 2: Rose Glycerin Natural Facial Toner

This natural rosewater toner acts like a hydrating astringent for dry skin.

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Step 3: Evening Primrose Facial Serum

An all-natural formula that provides intense relief to dry skin. Just a few drops of this serum can help you obtain soft, supple skin that bounces back.

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Step 4: Carrot Seed Moisturzing Lotion

This rich, creamy moisturizer nourishes dry skin for a healthy, dewey radiance.

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Step 5: Krishna Sandalwood Facial Mask

This precious face mask soothes, balances, and hydrates while gently purifying dry skin.

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