Ayurvedic Vitamin C Natural Glow Serum


A brand new addition to Apsara's product suite, this Ayurvedic Vitamin C serum features all-star ingredients like turmeric (haldi) and holy basil (tulsi) for their phenomenal anti-oxidant and skin evening properties. Pure rose & jasmine essential oils soothe the senses while offering natural age defense benefits to the skin. Chamomile pacifies while willow bark gently exfoliates the skin. A burst of fruit extracts offers additional Vitamin C, making this the ideal glow serum for your skin.

Product Details

Vitamin C

A powerful anti-aging antioxidant that supports collagen production & improves glow.


Known for its antioxidant & skin brightening properties


Soothes skin while
boosting firmness.


Natural antioxidant properties help to reduce dark spots & dullness.


Revered in Ayurveda for its skin soothing properties- the perfect ingredient to calm and even out troubled skin


Perfect for sensitive skin that might also be prone to blemishes or irritation.

Product Details

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