Top 5 Solutions to End Hair Fall, Rapid Graying, Frizz

By Sheetal Rawal

By the time women are 50, 1 out of 2 of them will experience hair loss. This alarming statistic applies to 50% of women in this age group. Rapid hair fall, early greying and dry, frizzy hair go hand in hand as each can be sped up as a result of harmful haircare habits.

In this episode of the podcast, I will share the top five hair mistakes that cause one’s hair to fall excessively. These mistakes include insufficient nutrition, using hair products that do not suit your hair, and washing and handling your hair in an incorrect manner. I will also share simple solutions for hairfall and give you methods to retain beautiful, healthy hair while maintaining a steady intake of protein, nutrients, zinc and organic foods. Apsara’s Natural Hair Care Routine is a combination of Rosemary and Amla shampoo, hair oil and conditioner, that further work to combat common hair conditions and help reduce hair fall, hair loss and dry frizzy hair.

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