5 Scary Side Effects of Harsh Chemicals on Your Skin & Hair

At Apsara Skin Care, one of the reasons why we make all-natural beauty care products is that those are the only products we trust to use personally. All-natural products are made with natural ingredients, some of which have been time-tested in Ayurveda and other traditional wellness systems. In contrast, there are many over-the-counter beauty products made with harsh chemicals. If you don’t know what harsh chemicals can do to your skin, hair, and body, today you will find out. 

These side effects can be prevalent in so many over-the-counter beauty products. We hope that this information will convince you to go natural with your beauty care products, and at Apsara Skin Care, we have an assortment of all-natural beauty products that can fit your exact needs. To learn more, tune into this episode today. 

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Go natural. It is good karma!

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