What Is Exfoliation & How Can It Benefit You?

Sheetal Rawal, Founder, Apsara Skin Care

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If you have a daily skin care routine and you know it by heart, you deserve a pat on the back. While it may be easy to have a daily skin care routine, it is easy to forget to do it at all, let alone in the right order. For example, your facial lotion must be done last and especially before your facial serum; since facial lotions are formulated to be thick and moisturizing, a facial serum won’t be able to penetrate your skin if you use it last. To those that know how their daily skin care routine works and use it twice a day, we hope that your skin looks amazing.

To further step up your skin care game, have you considered exfoliating your skin with a facial scrub? A facial scrub is not part of your daily skin care routine but rather, your weekly skin care routine. Using your facial scrub 1 to 2 times a week is sure to complement the results of your daily skin care routine. However, if you don’t know what exfoliation is and why it is important, rest assured that we will do our best to explain it to you today. Keep reading to learn more about exfoliation and how it can help you get the glowing, ageless skin you desire. 

Exfoliation Sloughs Off Dead Cells

Exfoliation is a process in which dead skin cells are sloughed off the surface of your skin in order to make room for new skin cells underneath. This may raise a common question for you: if you’ve never exfoliated before, does that mean your skin has accumulated a lot of dead cells? Well, the truth is that your skin is actually capable of sloughing off these dead cells by itself. Remember, your skin is an organ that regularly undergoes repair and cellular regeneration.

However, this process is slower than you might think. When dead cells are left to accumulate on your skin, they can contribute to a number of issues that could ruin your complexion. One of the reasons why we recommend exfoliating with a facial scrub is that you can speed up this process yourself. Facial scrubs and exfoliating DIY home remedies often contain elements like fine particles that gently massage and loosen up these dead cells so that they become much easier to shed. By regularly exfoliating your skin, your skin is bound to look more flawless than ever. Below, we will share with you the top 3 benefits of exfoliation.

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1. Exfoliation Reveals Glowing Skin

One benefit of exfoliation is that you can increase your likelihood of achieving bright, glowing skin. A buildup of dead cells on the surface of your skin can make your skin look dull and lifeless. When you exfoliate your skin, getting rid of those dead cells can simultaneously enhance your skin’s natural glow.

2. Exfoliation Fades Blemishes & Dark Spots

Dead skin cells won’t necessarily be the cause of your blemishes, marks, or dark spots, but they could make those skin issues look larger in appearance. Exfoliation can help fade the appearance of such issues and even out your skin in the process.

3. Exfoliation Fade Lines & Wrinkles

Similarly, dead skin cells aren’t the reason why you have developed early signs of aging, but they might make your lines and wrinkles look more prominent. As a result, exfoliating your skin and sloughing off these dead cells can make your skin look much younger in appearance.

Exfoliation Tips

These 3 benefits should make exfoliation more desirable to you, but there are a few things you should be aware of beforehand. First, you should always follow up exfoliation with the rest of your skin care routine. Exfoliation may leave your skin sensitive, dry, and red, so it is important to start nourishing and protecting your skin so that it does not become prone to irritation. Second, you should only exfoliate your skin 1 to 2 times a week. Doing more than that may not give your skin enough time to recover between sessions, and you might begin to experience irritation and inflammation. Third, be gentle with your skin as you exfoliate. Being too rough with your skin can damage it and lead to less desirable results.

When it comes to exfoliation, you have two main options. The first is using a facial scrub, which is self-explanatory. Since your skin will be a little sensitive, you should look for a product that is all-natural so that you aren’t exposing your skin to harsh chemicals, for example, Apsara’s very own Nut Shell Facial Scrub. Alternatively, there are home remedies you can use that are designed to exfoliate your skin. At Apsara Skin Care, we have shared exfoliating home remedies on occasion, and you can find some of our favorites here.

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