Skin Care Products: Which Ones to Choose? Which to Stay Away From?


Sheetal Rawal, Founder, Apsara Skin Care


My Skin Care Beginnings

By: Jenny Sherman (guest writer for Apsara Skin Care, Inc.)

I am newly discovering the extensive world of skin care. It all started when I noticed the marked results from sunburns, acne, and products on my skin, and needless to say they weren’t desirable ones. It was like a giant, eye-opening slap in the prematurely damaged face. I thus went out to find some sort of miracle cure. I can’t even count the number of products on both hands that I have tried, applied, and then trashed out of pure disappointment.

The more I research, the more I understand that being nice to your skin means using well-made, naturally based products. In fact, using cheap products laden with chemicals can be worse than using nothing at all. On top of that, I have sensitive, pale, impressionable English skin that scoffs at the sign of an abrasive.

So here I am, at the precipice of the dermatological sea; an ocean so vast it’s hard to take in at first glance. What I have gathered as general truths in the subject, I have taken from

which skin care products to choose

the consistencies of dermatologists, estheticians, makeup artists, and websites written by all of the above. These things include using a gentle cleanser, an occasional exfoliant, a daily toner, and a moisturizer suited to your needs. Also, knowing your skin type so that you choose the aforementioned things appropriately is critical.  

And that’s the bare bones of it. Knowing your skin is oily doesn’t mean it isn’t also dry; In fact, it is the lack of moisture in your cells that causes them to compensate for the overproduction of oil. You need to exfoliate often, but if you do it too often or too harshly, it will cause micro-tears in the skin’s surface, which does more harm than good. And those cute little freckles on your nose? Those are actually signs of skin damage from the sun. What sort of dog and pony show is your skin trying to run here?

So admittedly, the whole skincare regimen is daunting. (I mean, what does neck cream do anyway?) For now, I will stick with what I know, what I’ve learned, and what feels right. Oh, and get the occasional facial, because not only do those people know what they’re doing, it’s just a heavenly experience. Let me tell you, by diving into the deep end, my skin already looks healthier and more luminous in just a few months.

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Go natural. It is good karma!

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