How to Repurpose Skin Care Bottles & Jars Once You're Done

Sheetal Rawal, Founder, Apsara Skin Care

By: Marty S.

At Apsara Skin Care, we pride ourselves in both the quality of our all-natural products and the quality of our packaging. We constantly stress-test the packaging we use to formulate products to make sure that they are durable and that there are no leaks whatsoever. With that said, after you have used your Apsara Skin Care products to the fullest, you should know that those bottles and jars don’t have to go straight to the trash, not necessarily because they are of good quality, but because there are fun ways to reuse these bottles and jars so that they don’t have to go to waste. Today, you will learn 5 simple tips to repurpose your Apsara Skin Care bottles and jars once you’re done with them. Rest assured, you don’t have to be skilled in arts and crafts to try these tips; though you may have a lot of fun decorating these bottles and jars as you please, these tips are practical and meant to be enjoyed by everyone.

1. Recycle Your Old Apsara Bottles & Jars

Of course, the first thing you should consider doing with your empty Apsara Skin Care bottles and jars is recycle them, but there are two things you have to do beforehand. First, do your research to find out what your neighborhood or community is able to recycle; sometimes, for example, droppers and nozzles aren’t accepted because of how they are constructed. Second, wash any used bottles and jars you plan to recycle; soap is not necessary but you need to be thorough to get rid of any residue. While recycling takes more work than simply putting your old Apsara bottles and jars in the trash, it is ultimately worth it because we as a collective should be trying to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize the amount of waste we produce. 

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2. Use an Old Apsara Jar Whenever You Prepare a DIY Home Remedy

If you don’t want to recycle your old Apsara Skin Care bottles and jars immediately, there is a way to utilize them that can benefit your skin and hair. As you may already know, not only do we have products that can help you get the flawless skin and gorgeous hair you desire, but we also regularly share with you home remedies on our Blog and Podcast pages. Though our remedies are easy to follow and usually consist of 3 or 4 ingredients, it might be a little bit of a hassle to clean everything up. Luckily, if you have an empty amber jar from one of our facial masks, it is a perfect vessel to use when you prepare any of our home remedies. You don’t have to use a fancy dining bowl when you have a reusable jar that you can wash when necessary. You can even put the lid on and shake the jar to mix the ingredients without a spoon or fork. 

Although the lid makes storing our home remedies for a future time possible, we recommend preparing a fresh batch of a home remedy each time you use it. We can’t stress enough the importance of fresh natural ingredients, especially when it comes to your skin and hair. In Ayurveda, it is believed that the fresher the ingredient, the more “prana” or life force it has, and the better it is for you.

3. Carry an On-the-Go DIY Hand Sanitizer with an Old Apsara Toner Bottle

When you are out and about, you should know how to keep your hands clean to protect yourself. Your hands may come into contact with any number of germs and pathogens so you don’t want to get yourself sick from something that you could have prevented. If you can find a place to wash your hands with soap, that would be ideal, but depending on where you are, that may not be possible. As a result, a hand sanitizer is your next best option.

Though supply has certainly gone back up, you may be in a situation where you aren’t able to find a hand sanitizer nearby. Thankfully, it is easy to make a safe and effective hand sanitizer at home, especially if you have an empty Apsara facial toner bottle. Just add all of the ingredients into the bottle, twist the cap on, shake the bottle to mix everything, and use the perfume bottle nozzle to generously apply the sanitizer to your hands. 

At Apsara Skin Care, we’ve recently shared a few hand sanitizer recipes, which you will find here. You can watch a video demonstration of Sheetal preparing one of these hand sanitizers here

Apsara Skin Care products

4. Travel with Your Beauty Products in Old Apsara Bottles

Speaking of on-the-go, Apsara Skin Care toner, serum, and lotion bottles are small enough to fit in a purse, backpack, or even a fanny pack. This means that you can use your empty Apsara bottles as containers for your shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and other beauty essentials whenever you are going out of town or on a vacation. With regards to air travel, repurposing your old Apsara bottles can make the travel experience much easier. For airlines in the United States, the maximum size for a liquid container in a carry-on bag is 3.4 oz (100 ml), perfect for empty serum bottles as long as you put them in a resealable bag. Otherwise, you can put your repurposed Apsara toner and lotion bottles in your checked luggage. 

5. Grow a Succulent with an Old Apsara Jar

Whether you’re still working at home or you’ve gone back to the office, your workspace could always use some sprucing up. Even if it hasn’t been ravaged by folders, papers, coffee mugs, and bundles of cords, taking time to personalize your workspace can help the workday go by a little faster. One way you can do so is with a succulent. While most plants aren’t designed to live in a cubicle or an indoor office, succulents are different. Because they have adapted to live in arid climates, succulents don’t need to be watered often, only when their soil is dry. You don’t even need a decorative, expensive pot; an empty jar from one of our facial masks will do just fine. Succulents still require sunlight and the occasional pruning, but overall, it can be quite easy to grow a succulent in your office, especially when compared to an herb or a flower.

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Do you plan on trying any of our tips? Do you have other ways to repurpose your old Apsara Skin Care bottles and jars that you would like to share with us? Let us know in the comments below!

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