10 Benefits of Lemon Water for Glowing, Youthful & Even-Toned Skin

Sheetal Rawal, Founder, Apsara Skin Care

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By: Marty S.

Did you know that lemons can help you stay hydrated all day long? It’s simple, and you won’t need to take one bite out of this sour fruit. What you need to do is cut a few slices of lemon and add them to a water bottle, mug, or jug. All you need to do is add water, and now you have lemon water at your disposal. With the addition of lemon, you can make the taste of water much more exciting and make it easier for you to drink enough water every day, especially if you don’t drink enough of it in the first place.

What’s even better, lemon water can do more for you than just help you stay hydrated throughout the day. In fact, lemon water can increase the glow and clarity of your skin naturally. Today, you will learn the 10 top benefits of lemon water that can lead to glowing, even-toned skin. Hopefully, after you finish reading this, you’ll start slicing lemons and drinking lemon water on a regular basis, so that your skin will continue to glow with vitality for years to come.

1. Lemon Water Can Keep Your Skin Soft & Moisturized

As we mentioned above, lemon water can promote better hydration, and you need to stay hydrated if you want a healthy body as well as glowing skin. When you drink water, it is thought that it can help keep your skin moisturized, soft, and supple. When you are not hydrated, your skin may start to look more aged and more lackluster. Therefore, by drinking lemon water, it will be much easier for you to maintain your skin’s glow.

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2. Lemon Water Can Detoxify Your Body & Skin

Lemon water is also a popular way to detoxify your body and skin. Water is necessary to keep your cells functioning properly and flush out toxins from your system. Your liver is the organ that detoxifies your body, but if there are too many toxins in your system for your liver to handle, that can often translate to dull skin that is more prone to premature aging. Drinking water every day should be enough to detoxify yourself, but lemon juice has been thought to promote better liver health and thus indirectly detoxify your body. This means that lemon water is both delicious and good for the health of your body and skin.

3. Lemon Water Can Minimize Sickly Skin

Though most people make lemon water with lemon slices rather than with freshly squeezed lemon juice, you will still be able to get some amount of Vitamin C just by drinking lemon water. We all know that Vitamin C can boost your immune system. Since your skin tends to look duller and more lifeless when you are sick, drinking lemon water can keep your body healthy as well as encourage glowing, even-toned skin. 

4. Lemon Water Can Reduce the Appearance of Unevenness & Patchy Skin

Another reason why the Vitamin C in lemon water is important is that it has been studied to inhibit melanin production. Dark spots, unevenness, and patchy skin can form when your body produces too much melanin. You can potentially see more visible results of Vitamin C when you apply it externally - perhaps through a Vitamin C facial serum, for instance - but getting Vitamin C by drinking lemon water can be just as beneficial.

5. Lemon Water Contains Antioxidants That Can Promote Skin Glow

Lemons are a good source of antioxidants; not only is Vitamin C an antioxidant, but also other compounds found in lemons, such as phytonutrients and flavonoids. Your skin needs antioxidants if you want it to glow with radiance. That’s because antioxidants help curb the damage done by free radicals, which can be responsible for skin dullness as well as early skin aging. By drinking lemon water, you won’t have to be panicked about not getting enough antioxidants in your diet, and your skin may start to look more stunning and even-toned as a result.

6. Lemon Water May Decrease Inflammation

Antioxidants have another benefit to your skin and body; they can decrease inflammation. Higher levels of inflammation in your body can cause dull, lackluster skin as well as various health concerns such as swelling and illness. Due to the antioxidants in lemon water, though, you can reduce your inflammation with this drink so that your skin will be more likely to glow with health.

7. Lemon Water Contains Trace Elements That Benefit Your Skin

Lemons are most known for their Vitamin C content, but they also contain trace elements that are bound to benefit your skin. For example, zinc has been thought to increase cell turnover, which helps your skin look more glowing and youthful quickly. Secondly, magnesium is believed to reduce acne breakouts. You can get more substantial amounts of zinc and magnesium through your diet, but drinking lemon water is a simple way to supplement your nutrition and encourage glowing, even-toned skin.

8. Lemon Water Can Encourage Glowing Skin When Used Externally

You don’t have to drink lemon water to get all of its benefits. You can dab a little bit of it on your skin or use a lemon water-based home remedy to increase your skin glow. If you are going to use a lemon externally, it is recommended to use lemon water on your skin instead of lemon juice. Undiluted lemon juice is potent; it can irritate your skin and may cause swelling, redness, and itchiness. Since lemon water is inherently diluted, it is far less likely to irritate your skin. 

9. Lemon Water Can Exfoliate Your Skin & Minimize Signs of Aging

Applying lemon water on your skin is a great way to increase your skin glow as well as minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles because one of the key components of lemons is citric acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid. Citric acid is capable of exfoliating your skin. It can slough off the dead cells on your skin and thereby allow newer skin cells to come to the surface. When this happens, your skin can tend to look brighter, more even-toned, and more youthful.

10. Lemon Water Can Curb Acne Breakouts

Lemon water also has antibacterial properties. Dabbing lemon water on your skin can eliminate any bacteria within your pores that could cause acne. Over time, applying lemon water to your skin may help you reduce acne breakouts and keep your skin even-toned and blemish-free.

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