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Top Tips to Stop Your Hair From Turning Grey and Falling Out


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How fast your hair grays is a reliable indicator of both how you are taking care of it externally and how your health is internally. A deficiency of key nutrients like copper and vitamin B-12 can potentially cause your hair to grey at an accelerated pace. Likewise usage of harsh chemical filled hair care products can do exactly the same, if not worse. It is detergents like SLSs that put a lot of stress on your hair and follicles. When your follicles are assaulted this way, they do not perform their job adequately. An early and accelerated cessation of pigment production can be a result of stressed out hair follicles.

I firmly believe that as a collective we are experiencing grey hair early and fast. I also know from personal experience that this does not have to be so. Natural ingredients like amla, rosemary, shikakai and so many others have been known in Ayurveda to significantly slow down the pace at which your hair turns grey. In fact Amla is well reputed in Ayueveda to darken your grays with regular usage. We do not know how amla does this from a scientific perspective. But a significant empirical evidence exists to support this. I hope scientific studies are done to understand amla especially in this light.

In this podcast I will share not only the top reasons behind grey hair, but also solutions. What can we do to take care of our hair so it remains healthy, gorgeous, full and grey-free for as long as possible.

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Go natural. It is good karma!

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