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Potato, coffee and wheat flour mask to fade dark marks & pigmentation of skin



Sheetal Rawal, Founder, Apsara Skin Care

Dark spots, patches and hyper-pigmentation of skin is definitely an annoying issue and takes away from its perfect health and appearance.

Many factors are responsible for the skin to become uneven and manifest these dark marks and patches. Hormonal imbalance, stress, lack of proper sleep, prescription or OTC drugs are some of the main culprits. Followed closely by aging of skin, excess sun exposure, injuries etc. Indeed an imbalanced diet and unnatural additives in our food could also take a toll on the health and appearance of our skin.

Not having a daily and weekly skin care routine can cause the skin to look lifeless and more prone to developing issues like dark marks and pigmentaiton.

There are quite a number of natural ingredients that can help fade dark marks and pigmentation of skin and make it even and glowing. Papaya, citrus oils, saffron, rosehip make the top of the list.

The following homemade face mask is a blend of some very high potency ingredients that are known to fade marks and patches on your skin. Use it 1-2 times a week and always follow with your serum and lotion after washing it off. Serum and lotion are necessary to raise the nourishment and hydration of your skin, without which the dark marks and pigmentation can look more pronounced.

When it comes to picking the right serum and lotion for your skin, the most important thing is to start with finding our your skin type first. This page will help you figure out your skin type and then you might like to watch this video to learn how to pick the right products for your daily and weekly skin care.


Potato skin care
1 TSP oat flour
1 tsp whole wheat flour
1/2 tsp instant coffee 15 drops of potato juice
Enough tomato juice to make a paste




Mix well and then apply a thin layer on your skin. Wash in 12 minutes with lukewarm water. This mask may not dry completely in 12 minutes but it is best to wash it in this time to make it easier to come off and less stressful on the skin.

Skin Care

Then use a few drops of your favorite Apsara serum and a pea-sized amount of your favorite Apsara lotion.

How do these ingredients work to fade dark marks and pigmentation of skin:

Let’s start with tomato juice. It is a source of natural sulfur, which has skin renewal properties. It speeds up the removal of the top dead cells and helps the layers underneath come to surface sooner.

Potato juice: this is an ingredient used in the Ayurvedic system for centuries to help with dark marks and hyper-pigmentation. We may not know exactly how it works but users report it works quite well. A word of caution however is that it can make your skin a bit dry and that goes against what we are trying to achieve. To prevent this, it becomes even more essential to use serum and lotion right after washing this face mask.

Coffee is a wonderful source of antioxidants that can help lessen the free radical damage on your skin. This is very applicable when dark spots are a result of too much sun on the skin. UV rays from the sun can increase free radical damage to the skin. In addition coffee is also able to tighten up the skin and due to this fade the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It is perhaps able to accomplish this due to its mild dehydrating properties which likely cause the skin to lose any excess fluid buildup.

Skin care routine

Wheat flour stiffens up on the skin and in that process traps the superficial layers of dead cells. These layers loosen up enough that they can then be washed off. The caution with wheat flour is that it can become too hard and thus won’t come off the skin as easily as we want it to. Thus it is very important that you apply a very thin layer of this mask and wash it in 12 minutes.

All this exfoliation due to these natural ingredients is an awesome thing. This is exactly what we need to fade those pesky dark marks and pigmented patches, but it can cause the skin to become stressed out and a bit dry. This is where oat flour works its magic. It is a source of natural sugars that get slimy when wet. This might be the reason that oats are well known to counter dry skin and help the skin hold on to more water. In other words oat flour can balance out the effects of the other ingredients in this mask.

Ots routine

Added Note: If your skin is acne-prone or sensitive, this mask should be washed in 5 minutes before it has had the time to begin drying. Then follow with your serum and lotion right after.

Got questions? FILL OUT THIS FORM with your skin and hair care questions and let me help you get glowing naturally.

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Go natural. It is good karma!