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Nutmeg Home Remedy to Get Rid of Blackheads & Acne

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Sheetal Rawal, Founder, Apsara Skin Care

Nutmeg is a staple in many spice racks even if it is not used often. Fresh nutmeg smells spicy and aromatic, and it can dramatically boost the quality and flavor of your dish when used as directed. The same applies to skin care too. You just need a tiny amount of nutmeg to create an awesome home remedy for your skin. It can get rid of blackheads and acne so that your skin is clear and stunning.

In this episode of the podcast, you will learn the beauty benefits behind nutmeg. You will also learn how to make a nutmeg-based remedy to diminish the appearance of blackheads and acne. Nutmeg is best used sparingly, so why not save the rest for your face instead? If you would like to learn more about nutmeg and how to use it, please listen to this episode.

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