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How to get glowing and radiant skin in 12 minutes with a home remedy


Want to amp up the glow and radiance of your skin with a quick remedy. Here is an easy and effective one for you:

I TSP smooth peanut butter

Sheetal Rawal, Founder, Apsara Skin Care

1/2 tsp powdered brown sugar

15 drops fresh lemon juice

enough warm water to form a ketchup consistency

Mix all these ingredients very well and apply on your face and neck with upward strokes. Don’t go too close to the eye area. Allow this mix to sit on the skin for about 10-12 minutes. It will not dry. Wash with lukewarm water and then follow with serum and lotion for your skin type. Use this remedy no more than 1-2 times a week. Not sure what your skin type is? This page will give you information to identify your unique skin type.

Here is yet another simple homemade face mask to amplify the glow of your skin in no time at all. use 1-2 times a week and always follow with your serum and lotion.



By: Sheetal Rawal. Scientist (human genetics) and founder of

There are many reasons why our skin might get duller than desired. Often the dullness dominates and our hidden glow remains hidden for too long. Then we wonder if the radiance will even come back, or we just hold aging responsible. In reality there is absolutely no reason for our skin to be dull (as long as we have a daily and weekly skin care routine and, yes, a healthy lifestyle).

As we age, the rate at which our skin cells shed decreases. That means dead cells stay on top for longer and this hides the skin underneath that is naturally more radiant. Typically it takes skin cells from 2-3 weeks to shed. Other factors like excess exposure to sunlight or windy weather result in dullness. While the former results in excess melanin production (makes skin duller to look at), the latter can steal moisture from the skin causing it to become dry, which in turns results in dullness.

Issues like hyper pigmentation of skin can also promote dullness and unevenness of skin.

Lifestyle related factors include smoking and excess drinking of alcoholic drinks. Both contribute to dehydration of the body, which is readily seen as lack of glow and radiance on the skin.

Using products with harsh chemicals could well be a leading culprit that causes dullness and early aging of skin. Most directly harsh chemicals are drying and dehydrating to

Sheetal Rawal, Founder, Apsara Skin Care

the skin. They can force the skin to mount up a defense and in so doing it can develop issues like dullness, pigmentation, acne etc. So that new and pricey cream that looks so tempting on television might overtime damage the skin and change its behavior for the worst.

Being in front of a computer screen for long hours can also result in dullness. Why? We are not sure really, but perhaps all that artificial light hitting our face might have something to do with this.

Stress is a well known reason for lackluster skin. It can impact in several ways. One is when under stress, we tend to neglect our skin and might skip our daily skin care routines. Another (during extreme stress) is the body’s normal functions might get impacted as well. In this situation maintaining the optimal rate of skin cell turnover (or hair growth) might become secondary. Result? Dull skin, hair fall, premature aging of skin and graying of hair etc.

This remedy is filled with the goodness of nature. Lemon juice offers citric acid and brown sugar offers glycolic acid. The 2 come together to create some magic in this recipe. Meaning? Increased cell turnover and exfoliation. Healthier layers of skin surfacing quickly. Peanut butter is very nourishing in nature and provides some natural proteins to the skin. It also helps combat any chances of dryness due the increased exfoliation of the skin.

There are many other natural ingredients that are superb as far as skin brightening is concerned. Many of them also significantly reduce hyper pigmentation and dark spots of skin.

Saffron, licorice, papaya, willow bark extract etc. are all superstars. Be sure to include a


natural product with these natural ingredients as part of your daily and weekly skin care routine and get your skin to remain in great health and appearance in the short and long term both. What is a daily skin care routine and how can I have one for myself? This video will give to information and step-by-step instructions.

Questions, comments? Please use the comment field below to talk to me :)

Go natural. It is good karma!

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