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Homemade clay mask for oily skin


2 TSP fuller's earth (or any other clay like bentonite. Rice flour can be used instead as well)

7 drops of pineapple juice

1/4th tsp baking soda

Rosewater to make a thick paste

Apply on your skin (face and neck). Let dry for 12-15 minutes. Wash with tepid water and immediately after follow with your Apsara serum and lotion for oily skin. Serums are especially great becuase as your skin receives nourishment externally, it does not feel the need to overproduce oils. Therefore in time oiliness reduces significantly and so does the look of open pores and dullness.

Why does my skin produce too much oil. Is jojoba really the best ingredient for oily skin?

There is no one reason behind excess oil production by the skin. Genetics does play a part of

Sheetal Rawal, Founder, Apsara Skin Care
course. Oily skin could run in a family; but I have come to realize that external factors play a huge role in how our skin looks and behaves. Also that genetic effects responsible for excess oiliness and acne can be reduced by an external approach that is geared towards teaching skin balance.


Lack of adequate moisture in the air can lead our skin to produce more oil to make up for the lack. If you live in a dry place, chances are that your skin feels oiler than anyone living in a place where the humidity levels are higher.

Harsh chemicals in skin care products put a lot of stress on our skin and dehydrate it. Artificial fragrance and SLSs are the top culprits. But really there are many more. The more natural you go with your skin care routine, the less chances of imbalances like excess oiliness.

And then of course your diet and stress levels play a vital role too. If your diet promotes a toxic buildup in the body, then your skin could well be the first organ to show signs of this issue. At the same time, certain foods that are healthy and otherwise nourishing in nature, can actually cause some to overproduce oil. Nuts tend to be top culprits.

Excess stress causes our bodies to alter hormone production. Cortisol levels rise and this has been shown to cause our skin's oil producing glands to become overactive. Therefore pores open up and produce a lot more sebum than usual. Acne can follow.

Jojoba Oil is in my opinion the very best natural ingredient (don't get me wrong; there are many) to help your skin not overproduce sebum? Why? Because it is extremely lightweight, gets taken up by the skin readily and structurally resembles the sebum that our skin's oil glands produce. Therefore when skin is exposed to jojoba regularly, it gets nourished from the within. My hypothesis is that jojoba begins by pushing out any pore clogging material. As the skin receives nourishment at a deep level, it learns to not overproduce oil. Therefore not only is the issue of excess oil handled, pores begin to shrink and the appearance of acne is significantly reduced as well.

So in conclusion, if you have oily skin, a product with jojoba could become your very best friend and ally.

Questions? Comments? Please use the comments field below to talk to me :)

Go natural. It is good karma!