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Enter to win an Apsara face cleanser of your choice. Two winners.


This contest is super exciting and we will pick two winners on Friday Feb 26, 2016. What do the winners win? One FREE full-sized cleanser each. Suitable to their skin type of course. What do you need to do to enter? Go to this PAGE that lists all Apsara Skin Care Cleansers and simply type in the name of the cleanser that you would like to use. If you are picked as the winner, we will send you the cleanser you most desire. CLICK here and get familiar with all four of our cleansers, and type in the name of your most desired.

So get, set and play. I look forward to seeing your comments.

Go natural. It is good karma!

Sheetal Rawal, Founder, Apsara Skin Care

Useful Information on Skin Cleansers and How to Make the Right Choice:

Written by: Sheetal Rawal. Scientist (human genetics) and founder of

It is very important to cleanse our facial skin. Cleansing is another name for washing and the term face cleanser is really the same as a face wash. Ideally one must cleanse 2 times a day. The density of pores on our skin is pretty significant and cleansing washes away dirt, grim, impurities and excess oil from the skin. If not cleansed, this excess oil can build up on the skin and cause our skin to look oily and dull. Plus it is sticky and can attract environmental pollutants.

Before the advent on modern cleansers and face washes, clay's and herbal powdered mixes were used to cleanse the skin. Ayurvedic ingredients like soap nut (aritha) could have been used on the skin as well as the hair. It has natural mild foaming abilities. However it does sting the eyes quite badly.

As we began to experiment with soap-making and synthetic foaming agents, the modern face washes were born. SLS (sodium Lauryl Sulfate) has been the most common synthetic detergent to be used in face washes. Needless to say the personal care industry has simply gotten comfortable with using this detergent. A widespread change is necessary. Why? Because SLSs are severely drying to the skin. When used at very high concentration, this detergent can denature the skin’s proteins! It is really that harsh. However, SLSs used in the personal care products are diluted to the extent where they do not cause any visible damage to the skin. But, let’s consider this. Have you ever had a face wash go into your eyes while washing? Most of us have had this experience, and most of us have had severe stinging and redness in the eyes caused by one or many of the face washes we might have used. Same is true for shampoos. It is the harsh ingredients, most likely the SLS in the wash that caused this. The harshness of these detergents causes long term damage to the skin as well. This might not be immediately perceptible as in the case of our eyes, which are far more sensitive.

Low level inflammation and dryness of skin are the most common issues associated with harsh chemicals in cleansers. Premature aging of skin is associated with dehydration and lack of nourishment. SLSs in particular wash away the beneficial oils that the skin produces to keep itself healthy and supple.

Now what should one look for in a face cleanser. Definitely it should be SLS free to start with. Decyl glucoside is a great detergent derived from coconut and glucose. It origins are natural. It is gentle and does the job beautifully. It cleanses without drying out the skin. A good and high quality cleanser should not sting your eyes. This is the first test. the second is that you should never feel that your skin is dry and tight right after you have cleansed it. That is a bad sign. Many people feel they must apply a lotion right after cleansing because their skin feels dry and uncomfortable. While applying a serum and lotion is highly recommended, it shouldn’t be done out of a feeling of discomfort.

An ideal cleanser must be PH balanced. Our skin has a slight acidic mantle and the theory is that it is so to keep it protected from bacterial infections. A cleanser made with harsh chemicals is not perfectly PH balanced. This causes dryness as well as a disturbance in the skin’s natural protective mantle.

Sheetal Rawal, Founder, Apsara Skin Care

A good quality cleanser should not only be gentle and mild, it should have added natural ingredients that are time-tested to heal, balance and beautify the skin. For example turmeric essential oil in a cleanser means antioxidant and color balancing properties. Geranium essential oil means that you can expect your skin to attain a beautiful balance where it is neither dry nor too oily. Vetiver essential oil means that the cleanser can be expected to have anti-dryness and skin calming properties.

In addition be sure that your cleanser is free of phthalates, petrochemicals, alcohols, mineral oil and most definitely artificial fragrance (also called perfum). Fake fragrance is up there on the list of ingredients that cause the skin to become irritated, inflamed, and dry.

Hope you found this information useful.

And now let’s have some fun! Go ahead and type in the name of your most desired Apsara Skin Care cleanser and you might just be one of the two lucky winners to win it.

This PAGE lists the names of all four Apsara Skin Care cleansers. Pick your favorite and type in the name in comments below.

Good luck!