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Enter Now to win one ROOP Saffron Bright Skin Potion Serum


It has been a while since we have had a contest. Let’s have one today and I hope you will take a moment to play along and in the process, your comments will be entered into a giveaway. We will announce the winner of this giveaway on Tue Sep 27, 2016. Please come back right here to see if you won! This contest is super special because we are giving away one ROOP Saffron Bright Skin Potion to one winner!

 Here’s how to play and enter.

If you are an existing user of Apsara products, please enter by answering this question in the comments field below:

Which Apsara product are you most likely to recommend to a friend? Why?

If you are new to Apsara and are thinking about going natural with us, please enter by answering this question:

Which Apsara product would you most like to use?

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It is that simple to enter this contest and you could well be the one to get a ROOP SAFFRON BRIGHT SKIN POTION in the mail.

Useful information:

5 Essential Secrets to Glowing Skin


Sheetal Rawal, Founder, Apsara Skin Care

From time immemorial, beautiful skin has been very desirable. One could say that beautiful and spotless skin is very attractive to the eye because it shows two things. One is that the body is internally healthy and the second is that the person is disciplined enough to take the time to care for his/her skin.

From an evolutionary standpoint, both these factors might mean a better chance at finding a mate and passing along your genes. From an everyday and spiritual standpoint, it means that we value the gift of life given to us and want to look our best to honor it. Anyway you look at it, flawless skin is still very appealing and highly desirable.

So what are the top essentials 5 secrets to glowing skin? Here’s my list:

1. Provide deep nourishment & hydration to your skin daily:

This is number 1 for a reason. If this one point is implemented, you can rest assured that your skin will show many positive results. But you cannot do this using harsh chemical ingredients. You don’t want temporary results at the cost of long term issues like dryness & early aging. That defeats the purpose totally. Deep nourishment is achieved by natural ingredients like almond oil, shea butter etc. These ingredients can travel to the deeper layers of your skin and aside from nourishing and healing the cell membranes, they can help them conserve more water. Therefore skin looks dewy, youthful and calm. A high quality serum is the best way to deeply nourish your skin. ROOP contains both almond oil and shea butter.

When it comes to providing hydration externally, a lotion can do this best. Why? Because a lotion has water in it or something even better, like aloe vera juice. This raises the superficial hydration levels of the skin and the result is that your skin looks plump right away. It is like your cells have had a drink of water and thus are bound to look healthy and radiant. Dehydrated skin looks dull and parched. It is prone to early aging. Conclusion: Use a serum and lotion am and pm without fail. Your skin will show the positive results from this habit almost right away.

2. Use a gentle cleanser and alcohol-free toner:

I cannot over-stress the importance of using the right cleanser / face wash. This is the first step of your skin care routine, and making a mistake here can affect your entire routine. It is like building a castle in sand. Most run-of-the-mill cleansers have harsh detergents that leave your skin parched and dehydrated. They leave your skin tight and itchy and thirsty for some lotion. Sounds familiar? If yes, your cleanser is best thrown away this minute. This tight feeling means your skin is now challenged, will likely produce tons of oil to protect itself, could become acne-prone and is likely to be more prone to early aging and unevenness. Remember: the dryness caused by the wrong cleanser can result in any discoloration to look far more obvious.

As far as toner goes, let’s put it this way: Do not skip it. A good quality toner can do magic on your skin. Yes. It can close open pores, tighten up your skin and provide all day and night healing. The best toner for your skin is one that is free of harsh chemicals (particularly alcohol), and has added botanical ingredients for your unique skin type. As far as skin care goes, one-size-fits-all approach is not the right one. Certainly there can be products fit for all skin types, but a majority of your skin care routine should be made of products that are suited to your unique skin type. CLICK here to find out your skin type.

3. Decrease the toxic load in your body:

This is becoming even more important in the times we live in. Since our food is contaminated with pesticides, insecticides, growth hormones, chemical additives etc. it becomes very important that we eat wisely to keep our body clean and our skin glowing.

One brief look at the commonly available personal care products will tell you just how many chemicals can be present in them. You can be almost 100% sure to find parabens, artificial fragrance, phthalates, urea, SLS and much more. While a single exposure to these may not be harmful, it is the repeated exposure that becomes a concern. After all, personal care products are used daily not once in a while.


Apsara products

While working on developing Apsara products when I made the switch to using the first set of products I made for myself (Sulfur Facial Mask, Jojoba Serum, Camphor and Geranium Cleanser and the Rose & Geranium Toner) my skin began to transform from day one. And this is no overstatement. It didn’t take too long for my skin to look better than it had ever before in my whole life. This sounds phenomenal. Yes it is. After seeing this, I simply couldn’t stop formulating for other skin types. It is as though I had started to recognize nature’s most promising ingredients and how beautifully they paired with one another for the singular purpose of healing and beautifying our skin and hair. This was no less than magic.

4. Use a face mask every week:

A well made face mask should be completely free of harsh chemicals and should have a clay (s) in it. The clay provides minerals and deep cleans your skin. Other ingredients directly help with skin concerns like pigmentation. Papaya is a great example of this. Sulfur can be present in a face mask for acne-prone skin. Sulfur is a natural ingredient and is FDA approved to treat acne. It has been used in Ayurveda for centuries for the same and many other purposes. In sanskrit, sulfur is called gandhak.

What a face mask does that no other can, is that it tightens up your skin while it is drying. While doing this, it also increases blood circulation to your skin. Great news; anyway you look at it!

5. Exfoliate your skin:

What does this mean? It means to remove the top dead layer of cells quickly so that the layers underneath can come to surface. Scrubbing your skin 2 times a week is a fantastic idea. So is including an exfoliating serum as part of your daily skin care routine. Such a serum should ideally be used after toning your skin and must be followed with a lotion. Why lotion you ask? Because any exfoliating product may leave your skin dry (uncommon but true) and to prevent this a lotion is a must.

Now this is the best place to talk about our ROOP Saffron Bright Skin Potion. After all, it is the star of our contest today. One of you will win it. It is an exfoliating serum and has natural ingredients that can boost the glow and vitality of your skin. Like saffron and liquorice. Two very well known ingredients to significantly reduce the look of pigmentation, dark spots etc and to brighten up that skin. In addition ROOP also has some awesome natural anti-aging ingredients (like pure shea butter) that make it a very special formula indeed. Most importantly it is 100% natural and does not contain any synthetic preservatives. There is much else I can say about ROOP, but I will let you all find out for yourselves by clicking here.

Click here to find out what Apsara Skin Care users are saying.

Now let’s play and enter this giveaway to win. One winner gets ROOP Saffron Bright Skin Potion. Good luck! And I look forward to reading you comments.

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Go natural. It is good karma!