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5 minute homemade remedy to reduce the look of lines and wrinkles


Recipe by: Sheetal Rawal. Scientist and founder of

Sheetal's Favorite!

One gets inundated with ideas of miracle products that can reduce the look of lines and wrinkles

Sheetal Rawal, Founder, Apsara Skin Care

in seconds. One glance at the ingredient profile and one might wince imagining the potential damage in the long term. Truth be told there are some very effective natural ingredients when it comes to an instant reduction in the look of lines and wrinkles. These perk up the skin as well, so dullness and a general pulled down appearance of the skin is improved. They work in two major ways.

1. They attract moisture from the air and deposit it into the skin. These are called humectants. When the moisture levels of the skin are raised lines and wrinkles look less apparent. Think of a sponge that is dry versus one that is wet. Which looks plumper (with the natural holes and dents less prominent)? Got the picture?

2. They tighten up the skin due to their natural astringent properties. Not only does that mean less obvious pores, it also means skin that looks tighter and firmer.

So let's prepare a homemade recipe that will do both of the above. Raise the hydration of your skin as well as tone and tighten it. Use it before applying your makeup or dab on anytime you wish to make those lines and wrinkles less apparent. I imagine this one will work like magic!

2 TSP aloe vera gel (better than aloe vera juice for this recipe)

10 drops of berry juice (any berry will do. We need antioxidants)

1/2 tsp pure rosewater

1/2 tsp witch hazel (easy to get at a drug store)

10 drops of vegetable glycerin

Mix all of these ingredients quite well and then with a cotton ball dab all over the skin. Let dry and follow with your serum and lotion and (if you so desire) makeup. Simple!

Share your comments below. Got questions? Feel free to ask in the comments below.

Go natural. It is good karma!