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Giveaway to Win Our Sweet Almond & Wheatgerm Age Defense Serum

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Hello everyone! Are you ready for another contest? Let us have one today. I hope you will take a moment of your time and participate in this fun giveaway with us.

The winner be chosen and announced right here on Mon Sep 25, 2017. Come back to check if it is your lucky day!

This giveaway is special because 2 lucky participants will win our premium quality Sweet Almond and Wheatgerm Age Defense Serum. We will pay shipping too. The winner could very well be you.

So take a minute and please comment below to enter.

So are you ready to play?

Here is how you can enter this giveaway.

Simply answer this easy question in the comments section below. You will find the comments section at the end of this post.

Here is the question:

What is your favorite anti-aging home remedy made with all natural ingredients?

Your unique recipes will help our readers see how natural ingredients are the best way to fight early aging and undo the existing aging signs on your skin.

Your answer will not only encourage others to follow your footsteps, but will also enter you to win our Sweet Almond and Wheatgerm Age Defense Serum. It is an all natural serum made with high quality Ayurvedic ingredients. use 2-3 drops morning and night and follow with your favorite Apsara lotion.

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You will love this information about how to slow down aging of skin.

Top 5 Proven Ways to Reverse Lines, Wrinkles and Other Signs of Aging Skin:

The moment you hit that dreaded 30’s mark, the reality of aging hits you harder, especially when you start noticing those pesky fine lines.

We all dream of skin that makes us look youthful. But a lack of proper diet and healthy lifestyle can take its toll on our skin. Believe me when I say this, you are not the only ones struggling with crow’s feet, laugh lines and dark spots. But what if I told you that there are ways to minimize the signs of aging and literally take years off your skin’s clock!

Well you will have to believe me on this because I will present a rational and no-fad case for slowing down aging and reversing it to a very large extent.


It takes intervention and is a threefold process. Simply this:

1. Clean up your diet so your digestive system can be healthy and the toxic and free radical load in your body can be kept at a minimum. Gut health reflects everywhere in your body including the rate at which your skin is aging.

2. Use very high quality natural products to take care of your skin on a daily basis.

This is not optional. When you use time-tested age defense ingredients like sweet almond, carrot seed, rose, geranium, turmeric etc. you are working to reduce free radicals in your skin and you are nourishing it deeply so that the skin proteins collagen and elastin can build rather than degrade.

When these proteins do not build as well, your skin ages and lines and wrinkles begin to appear

3. Take as long as it takes to eliminate stress from your life. Chronic stress puts your in a fight or flight response and that means very poor adrenal health and overproduction of hormones like cortisol, which negatively impacts your skin & hair health. If you are constantly stressed, you chances of early aging is likely very high.

If you are planning to spend thousands of dollars on expensive treatments and products, then pause and think for a minute. You may be signing up for a quick-fix approach that perhaps doesn't work anyway.

However, on the other side of this quick fix approach, nature and time-tested wisdom come to surface. I strongly recommend this approach because it has been around for thousands of years, is sustainable, and does not play on your fears about aging.

This approach involves the usage of natural ingredients in form of home remedies and high quality products to care for your skin and hair on a daily basis.

In this article, I will share 5 proven ways to holistically care for your body that can result in young and radiant looking skin, all the way from the inside.

1. Your Beauty Care Routine Starts from Inside:

If your dermatologist keeps pushing medicines and creams your way to treat aging, then it is time to run towards something more sensible.

The most important step to control the damage resulting in aging starts with what you put inside your body versus what you put on it.

Diet has a much greater role in how you look than how old you are chronologically. I personally believe in this hands down.

If you want to bring a noticeable change in your appearance, start with the following steps:

Be sure you are not deficient in any essential vitamins and minerals. It is best to get them through your diet. Supplementation should be used to fill small gaps in nutrition that food might leave behind.

Consume flax seeds, olive oil, nuts and seeds to get your daily dose of omega fatty acids. These nutrients are necessary for the health of your skin cell membranes. When the skin cells membranes are healthy they do not leak hydration. This enhances plumpness and glow, and both of these are signs of youthful skin.

Speaking of hydrated, don't forget to drink at least plenty of water every day. At the same time limit your intake of dehydrating substances like coffee, tea and alcohol.

Processed foods need to be banned from your diet. This is most essential. Excess sugar, salt, flavor enhancers, preservatives etc. present in these foods can lead to inflammation, which is a leading cause of disease and early aging of skin.

2. Avoid Over Exposure to Sun:

If you are in the sun too much, you may begin to see signs of aging on your skin much before it is time.

Being exposed to sun’s harmful UV rays can affect the integrity of elastin and also lead to loss of collagen that can lead to wrinkles and discoloration.

Exposure to bright sunlight for long time means production of free radicals by your skin. These unstable molecules wreak havoc on the cellular health causing signs of aging to become very apparent.

While it is impractical to eliminate the exposure to sun entirely, it is possible to limit it to half. Here are some natural ways to do that:

1. You must walk in the shade or carry umbrella when you are out in the sun

2. Wear clothing that can provide extra protection from UV rays

3. Limit your time in the sun by exercising before 10 AM and after 4 PM.

4. Additionally, your skin care products must contain natural antioxidants like turmeric, vitamin E, vitamin C etc. to combat aging caused due to free radicals. 

3. Make Healthy Lifestyle an Everyday Priority:

I cannot stress enough on the importance of a healthy lifestyle because it is so crucial for a healthy body and radiant skin. You cannot have one without the other.

Things like poor eating habits, lack of exercise, lack of sleep etc. can have a very negative impact on your skin. As a result, you might age much sooner than you need to.

For skin that looks young and vibrant, you need to take healthy lifestyle steps follow them consistently.

Here are some top ones:

1. A good night sleep is the most important essential item in your beauty kit. Cut down

your screen time by powering down at least an hour before sleeping and you will notice how fitfully you snooze at night.

Remember your body (and skin) repairs and rebuilds at night and short sleep hours are just not going to cut it. Deep sleep is most essential for great looking skin. They don’t call it "beauty rest" for nothing.

2. Stress can accelerate the process of aging by causing an increase in the production of cortisol, the hormone that gets mixed in your bloodstream and wreaks havoc. When you feel stress coming on, deep breathing can help.

And so can remembering that change is the law of life and resisting it causes stress and anxiety. Forgiveness, acceptance and a resolve to live a peaceful life can come in extremely handy to avert stress and depression

Deep contemplation helps straighten things out so to speak, and you might well find an answer that puts an end to a troubling situation.

3. Start your skin care routine long before the damage is too deep. It is true that you can start anytime when you feel ready, but sooner the better makes sense too. Your natural skin care routine has less mending to do when it is started earlier than later.

4. Follow a Dedicated Skin Care Routine:

Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on the latest products in the market, follow a regular morning and night beauty routine to care for your skin everyday. Using time-tested and natural ingredients on your skin means you are not experimenting since that is not at all necessary.

Watch this step-by-step video to see how you can build a daily and weekly skin care routine for yourself. It really is quite simple and takes only about 3 minutes each time.

5. Go on Skin & Body Cleansing Fasts 1-2 Times a Year:

This is phenomenal to not only minus years off your skin’s appearance, you may well end up living a longer and healthier life. 

Per Ayurveda it all comes down to your gut health. Giving your digestive system a break once in a while resets the system so to speak. In plain speak it simply means that your body gets a chance to clean itself of toxins and built up undigested material.

You can do a juice fast for instance where you drink only fresh juice for 2-3 days. Or you may eat only one light meal a day for a few days. During this time it is essential to rest and closely monitor your body. Eating greens like dandelion can further help cleanse your body. Always get your doctor’s approval before starting a fast.

But after going very light on your digestive system for a while you may notice increased vitality in your body and a nice healthy glow on your skin.

This is where I think I would like to introduce the star of our contest, Sweet Almond and Wheatgerm Age Defense Serum.

If you are lucky, you may win this amazing product and get all its age defense benefits. This serum does not contain any harsh chemicals or synthetic preservatives.

Naturally high in proteins & fatty acids and made from all natural ingredients, this age

defense system works its magic on your skin and keeps it dewy and plump with signs of aging reduced.

It contains wheatgerm, evening primrose and rosehip oils that offer deep nutrition and protection against free radical damage.

Using this serum regularly restores your skin’s nourishment levels and reduces fine lines along with dullness and age spots.

What you get, as a result, is a naturally youthful skin brimming with vitality and glow. Want to know more about this amazing product, click here.

Now let us play today’s contest to win Sweet Almond and Wheatgerm Age Defense Serum. Good luck! I look forward to reading your secret anti-aging recipes in the comments below.

Remember entering this giveaway is easy. All you have to do is share your favorite

homemade anti-aging remedy with us in comments below.

Your remedy will inspire many others to use natural and easily available ingredients to transform the health of their skin.

2 winners will be announced right here on this page on Mon Sep 25, 2017.

Make the transition to natural personal care by choosing the right Apsara Skin Care products. Have specific questions? Fill this form and I will help shortly.

Go natural. It is good karma!